A survey that is intended to gather support for a proposed strengthening of ties between the Wapello and Morning Sun school districts apparently is being received well in Wapello.

Wapello Superintendent Mike Peterson told the school board Wednesday around 100 responses had been received online and a large number of parents at a recent parent-teacher conference had completed the forms.

Both school districts are surveying their residents to determine if they support closer ties with their neighboring district. One proposal that was recently suggested by Wapello officials was to have kindergarten in both districts, create a junior high in Morning Sun and have a joint high school and elementary program in Wapello.

Peterson said the school would continue to gather responses.

In other action, Peterson said a final tabulation is being completed, but the most recent count put the student population at 710, which he said is about the same as last year’s count or slightly up.

The school board also learned the 2012 FFA PRCA Rodeo would likely net between $6,380 and $8,100 in profits.

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In final action, the board held a closed session to discuss with its counsel an Iowa Civil Rights Commission complaint. Peterson declined to make any comment following the closed session.

Commission officials also declined to comment specifically on the complaint. They did report that complaints remain confidential until a public hearing is held.