WAPELLO, Iowa — The Wapello City Council would save $2,400 and Police Chief Wayne Crump would receive new responsibilities under a plan discussed Tuesday during a city budget work session.

The council agreed to eliminate the zoning administrator’s position and assign those duties to Crump. A few years ago, Crump inherited animal control officer duties.

The council opted for the change after reviewing the city’s proposed FY 13 budget. The proposal has a $4,738 shortfall between its anticipated revenue of $4,093,700 and projected spending of $4,098,438. The remaining difference will be covered by reductions in the proposed swimming pool and parks funding.

No final action was taken, but the council agreed to re-examine its decisions after its Jan. 17 meeting.

In addition to the budget review, the council also discussed issues that will be presented at a Jan. 16 public information meeting. Officials are investigating possible referendums for a new swimming pool and a fire station. A trail program is also scheduled to be discussed.

According to preliminary figures, a $2 million fire station financed over 15 years would cost property owners an additional $3.11 per $1,000 assessed value. A 30-year repayment would reduce that tax asking to $1.78 per $1,000.

A new swimming pool costing $750,000 would mean an additional $1.67 per $1,000 assessed value to property owners over a 15-year loan. The same pool over a 30-year repayment period would raise property taxes by about $1 per $1,000.