Beginning Tuesday and continuing through October, surveyors will being collecting data on 3,200 homes and businesses in floodplains in Rock Island County as part of an Illinois water survey.

The surveyors will be working along the floodplains of the Mississippi and Rock rivers and their tributaries to determine the flood risk for homes and businesses in the areas.

Lisa Graff, team manager with the Illinois State Water Survey, said they had hoped to obtain enough funding to survey 6,800 homes and businesses but the funding was not available at this point.

Teams of two surveyors will spend about 20 minutes on each property measuring elevation of the first floor and the lowest entry point for water flooding into a home.

Graff said the data being obtained on the elevations of the properties will help cities and counties during emergency situations to determine what kind of issues will be faced at different levels of flooding.

The data collected is crucial to determining the level of risk and creating action plans to prevent flood damage to home and businesses, she added.

The project, she said, is part of a long-term effort to create a statewide database of elevations for individual structures and flood risk in communities.

There are 60 properties in Moline that are part of a pilot project to help insure the water survey is getting the information it needs.

Crews will be providing weekly status updates that will be place on the web.

Surveyors will not enter homes or businesses but will work in close proximity to the exterior of buildings.

Property owners will be notified in advance via postcard mailings regarding the survey work to be done on their property.

A survey of 1,500 homes and businesses will be done in Peoria County, and 120 in Ottawa.

Property owners can access a schedule of site visits and more information about the project at