TOULON, Ill. — A 3-week-old Toulon girl reportedly abducted Thursday morning is safe, Stark County Sheriff Jimmie Dison said during a news conference Thursday night.

Kendra Meaker, 19, the mother of Mia Graci Thompson, is facing charges related to the incident.

Meaker was being held Thursday night without bond in the Stark County Jail. She is expected to make a first appearance today in Stark County Circuit Court.

Dison said the infant was found in good condition in rural Stark County by a couple of volunteers. The child was taken to a local hospital, Dison added.

No other details were released Thursday night.

Illinois State Police issued an Amber Alert in response to the report of an abduction at 8:10 a.m. Thursday from a vehicle in front of the Toulon Post Office. That alert has been canceled.

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I am curious to know what is really going on?. It seems these are very young children this mother has ( an 11 month old and a 3 week old). Where is the father? Who is helping this girl? Obviously there is a lot more to this story.


Of course part of the story has been left out. They can only report what information they have been given by law officials. Not all the iformation is going to be made available to the press until after an investigation is well underway or until official charges have been filed. They can't make up or speculate information, they need facts. However, if the reporters don't report what information they do know the public gets angry for not reporting such a big story.


BS, the cops should have a reason for holding someone with out bail, not a lame excuse because the "investigation" isn't over.

Sure you won't get ALL the info, but they have a duty to say WHY they are holding her....(or ANYONE ELSE!)....


I agree with there needing to be a reason to hold her, but we can't blame reporters for only reporting the information that law enforcement is willing to divulge. I'm sure once the rest of the story/information is made available it will be reported.


she had a 10 month old also?.....there is a lot more to this story to be reported


I had read some place that she had an 11 month old and then the three month old. Being that the Mother is only 19 years old, I had to wonder if she just became overwhelmed and left the baby on the gravel road then made up the story of the baby being taken.


Glad that baby is ok.


WHY would the mother be held without bond?!? She is considered to be a risk to others, or a flight risk?

You printed a statement, but left out the story....


I would of been nice if you reported what the Mothers chargers were. Are we to believe that she dropped the child off in the middle of the road and then reported her missing, or was she arrested for leaving the child in the back seat of the car allowing an opportunity for her to be kidnapped?????

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