A weather advisory is in effect for the Western Illinois University-Quad Cities campus until 6 p.m.because of the weather.

Updates will be posted at wiu.edu. Members of the Western Illinois University-Quad Cities community are reminded to plan ahead for winter weather conditions.

At this time, the Quad Cities campus remains open and classes will be held.

In general, the University will typically remain open provided campus buildings are accessible. In all weather situations, it is ultimately the personal responsibility of faculty, staff and students to make their own decisions regarding attendance and to use their judgment concerning travel conditions.

The WIU policy on limiting university operations because of emergency conditions is available in the Administrative Procedures Handbook, which can be viewed at wiu.edu/policies/emergency.php.

According to University policy, if an advisory is issued due to weather and students consider travel to campus unsafe, they should arrange with faculty to complete academic course requirements missed during the time of the advisory.

Individual faculty members are responsible for their academic course requirements, and it is the individual faculty member's decision whether or not to grant a request to make up work that has been missed as a result of a University advisory.

Faculty should be flexible with attendance policies during this period.

The weather advisory allows employees the option to use accrued vacation time, compensatory time or approved leave without pay after notifying their supervisor.

An employee who determines that it is not safe to travel will not be subject to discipline for being absent. Supervisors are expected to honor reasonable requests of employees to arrive late or to leave early because of inclement weather.

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Thanks WIU for telling us the weather. Then you continue on by explaining that you won't be closing due to weather. What a useless alert. It certainly isn't worth reprinting in the QC Times.

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