A Davenport Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing scheduled for Thursday to hear a Davenport man’s request to start a business dealing guns out of his home was postponed for two weeks.

Only three of the board’s five members were on hand for the meeting.

The board’s vice-chair, Cathy Hart, told petitioner Kye Staples that at least three votes were needed for approval of his request. If the hearing had proceeded, all three board members attending would have had to vote in Staples' favor.

Hart gave Staples the option of tabling the hearing until May 23 when all five board members may be present.

"I would like to table it until that time," Staples told Hart. The meeting then was adjourned. 

In addition to Hart, board members Kristine Woodard and Ed Brown were present for Thursday’s hearing. Board chair Bruce Bleke and James Reistroffer were absent.

Staples, 32, and a U.S. Marine who served two tours in Iraq, is requesting  permission to sell firearms out of his home, including through the mail and over the Internet.

He already deals in ammunition and gun accessories but wants to expand his business. Staples also has applied to be a federal firearms license holder.

About 20 people, some neighbors of Staples, were in the audience awaiting a chance to either protest or support his request.

The May 23 meeting will be 4 p.m. in Davenport City Council chambers

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I don't think anyone is opposed to him having a business. The problem seems to be where that business is located. That's why we have zoning laws. Hopefully both sids will get a fair hearing.....eventually, when the zoning board members can bother to do their job. When the decision is made, some will be happy, some not so much. That's the way it works folks.


Without knowing him, or where exactly he lives, if there'd be a good chance of a large volume of increased "drive up, and walk in" traffic, I can understand the concerns. On the other hand if this is more Internet based, what's the problem? I'd have zero concerns about all those guns being there, sounds like his security is sufficient. Good luck to him, hope he is able to grow.


"Candy store for criminals"? Really? First of all that property is protected by a security system. Secondly it is protected by a highly trained Marine fully capable of dispelling would be criminals from the property. Thirdly, any "legitimate place of business" as you so kindly call it would be JUST AS SUSCEPTIBLE to criminal activity. One issue that gun control activists and/or those that oppose firearm ownership or distribution seem to conveniently forget is the fact that criminals, by definition, are those people that choose to break the law. It wouldn't matter if a gun were in a house, car, or locked vault - if a criminal wants it badly enough they will find a way to get it.

Another misconception is that his "neighbors" (if you can call them that at this point) seem to be of the impression that Kye will have a full arsenal of unsecured weapons just hanging out in plain sight for anyone to just snatch up. This is the OPPOSITE of the truth. His privately owned weapons are kept in a highly secured series of heavily armored vaults that are heavier than an ATM and more securely anchored. If people have trouble stealing ATMs then they will certainly face a major uphill battle trying to pry these firearms from his vaults. And, to add to this matter, Any firearms that he would be selling would be ordered in specifically for a particular customer and kept in the vault at all times until picked up by the customer.

Kye is not trying to start a retail business out of his garage. And the fact that his neighbors do not know that by now is their own fault. He has made himself highly accessible and willing to explain to great length the full details of his operations. These people want to explode it into a huge misconceived battle of disinformation. His neighbors have even gone to such extents as typing up a letter and placing it illegally into other neighbors mailboxes (without postage - making it illegal)... and worse yet the letter was full of libel and slander claiming that it is a fact that the home values would "drop off". There is no evidential proof to support this claim. And since this isn't a retail location it is very likely completely untrue. Other details of the letter lay out information that is blatantly false as well.

As often happens, people that are afraid of something they do not understand have blown a rather innocent situation completely out of perspective and have made false claims without knowing all of the information or even attempting to talk to Kye directly to find out all of the details. If they had then i'm pretty sure this whole issue would be a lot less of one.


1) It's unfortunate all of the members of the Board of Adjustment were unable to attend the meeting. If you take on the responsibility of serving in that position, you shouldn't schedule other commitments during those regularly scheduled meeting times. It's unfair to make applicants wait like that.

2) There are many types of businesses that can adequately be run out of a residential property. The main questions are whether the increased traffic unduly harms nearby property owners and whether that special use substantially fits within the intent of the zoning ordinance. There are reasons we have separate zoning for residential, commercial, and industrial property. In fact, we even have different classifications within those broad categories.


I guess you could look at it like a candy store for criminals right next to you. I would be concerned about the safety and security of the garage. With that said my house is protected by Smith & Wesson.


I also believe that Channel 6 didn't not talk to the persons who live right next door to Kye


The right to open and operate a business is one of the opportunities that this country has afforded to all making this country so appealing to all in and immigrating to the U.S.A. Nowhere does it offer to teach common sense or courtesy to any of these enterprising individuals. I believe in and support our Right to Bear Arms but, really....... Take the business out of the neighborhood and rent, lease or buy/build a legitimate place of business. I'm just saying...

Family man

Good luck! I hope they let him run his business.

WIFTY fair balanced
WIFTY fair balanced


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