St. Ambrose University’s stadium plan now heads to the city council, an appropriate step for a project that will impact the entire city.

We’re eager to hear council discussion of a proposal that will leave folks cheering and booing, regardless of the council’s decision.

We’re not eager to hear more about a Centennial Park stadium, an alternative that fits neither St. Ambrose plans, nor Davenport’s. The city spent millions to cover the old city landfill, clear buildings from that floodplain and create flood-tolerable playgrounds, basketball courts and a skate park. And it worked. Centennial Park is drawing more festivals and events.

No sense building a multimillion-dollar stadium the university didn’t ask for on a landfilled floodplain.

Plenty of sense in having all aldermen weigh in publicly on a project that has implications far beyond St. Ambrose and its neighbors.

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