We’d hoped our incumbent Illinois Quad-City congressman in the majority party could add a bit of heft to important Quad-City projects that have been on the community agenda for years.

Instead, Rep. Bobby Schilling settled in with an obstinate House majority, preferring to adopt party platitudes and stumbling badly on three important Quad-City issues.

On the Interstate 74 Mississippi River bridge, Amtrak service and the Thomson prison, Schilling flailed with conflicting statements that confounded community efforts.

Schilling had zero influence on his party leaders’ unreasonable opposition to purchasing the Thomson prison.

Perhaps that’s expected of a first-termer. But Schilling complicated things when he pitched a bid to cut the agreed-upon purchase price in half. That left-field maneuver confounded local efforts and didn’t seem to score him any political points.

Same thing on Amtrak, where his conflicting votes and statements followed decades of community efforts to win a rail link to Chicago.

His clumsy entree into the complicated Interstate 74 bridge negotiations hurt a similar long-term local effort.

Those successive fumbles pretty much expended our enthusiasm for the first-term candidate.

Consequently, we support Cheri Bustos, who runs with extensive, pertinent real-world experience. Bustos ascended from public relations work at Trinity Regional Health System to direct corporate communications for Iowa’s largest health system.

She won election to her town council and served admirably and openly, a credential we value for those seeking congressional office.

That service seems to galvanize her focus on jobs in our region with her emphasis on creating the new district’s manufacturing triangle, the Quad-Cities, Peoria and Rockford. With Deere, Caterpillar and Fiat (Rockford’s former Chrysler plant) all making major investments, Bustos’ strategy suggests a strong future for the 17th Congressional District.

Bustos' work a decade ago for the Quad-City Times was no factor in our consideration. Three of six editorial board members never worked with her. If news reporting was her sole experience, she couldn’t have earned this endorsement.

Instead, we endorse a candidate whose hard work in the private sector propelled her to the top of the corporate ladder. We endorse a candidate whose executive leadership in health care will improve, not simply vote repeatedly to eradicate health care reform, and whose commendable Quad-City public service demonstrates commitment and an ability to work with our community.

We endorse a candidate who can understand and effectively articulate a Quad-City agenda in Congress.

We support Cheri Bustos.

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Bobby's a tea party back bencher who answers to his party but glaringly avoids looking out for his district. Thomson Prison? No. Rail service? No.

And his "road to the country club" commercial is so blatantly false it's laughable. She's never belonged to a country club in the first place, and the road NEEDED TO BE FIXED. It was practically impassable in winter with any sort of freezing precipitation.

Go Cheri!


Oh, and I forgot the I-74 bridge. Another "no" from Schilling. Ask the folks up in Minneapolis if they think infrastructure ought to be upgraded.


Godfather Dick Durbin cleared the boards of any competetion for Cheri Bustos in the IL 17th district. Politics at it worst.

Gaius Baltar

Talk about "Back to the Future", Bustos is nothing more than an Evans/Hare mold union hack. I'd be surprised if there were a legitimate original thought in her head.


Del Wasso.......imagine that you would speak up here.....did Cheri write that comment for you and then sign your name or was it the 17th District bully Dick Durbin?? Either way, you are quite out numbered here, just like bustos is with endorsements and just like the dems will be on election night! When did Sensata decide to move their jobs to China? Before Bobby was elected......do your homework child!


QC Times, no wonder you are financially struggling, you are so out of touch with the needs of your Illinois community.


We can do better. www.EricReyes.us

Supporters of the millionaire democratic candidate spent tens of thousands of your tax dollars
and private money to disenfranchise voters and keep Eric Reyes off the ballot.
As a result, Eric Reyes has declared his intent to be a Write-in Candidate in every county of the 17th District, except Jo Daviess.

Remember, on November 6th, don't settle for the lesser of two evils...





My name is Eric Reyes and I’m the independent thinker's choice for Congress in the Illinois 17th District. As your Congressman, my top priority will be getting our economy moving again and creating jobs, which shouldn’t be confused with talking about creating jobs. The politicians and insiders are great at that but make no mistake, it’s nothing more than talk; and doing something, instead of talking about doing something, is important to me because of how I grew up.

As a first-generation American, from a low income family, I know what it takes to make the American dream a reality. The fact is, growing up, we struggled. We lived “below the hill” in the poorest town in our community. My dad was a janitor and my mom was a data entry clerk, at least when they were able to find work. My siblings and I grew up on food stamps. It didn’t take long in life for me to appreciate the benefit and security offered by even a low paying steady job. I knew that I never wanted to have to suffer through the anxiety that my parents did, and so, I worked hard to get through school and make something of myself. Unlike so many of my childhood friends, who never gave themselves a chance to succeed, I kept my eye on the prize. I knew that nobody was ever going to give me anything, so I worked for everything I’ve ever had. I was the first in my family to go to college, and while a full-time student, I not only worked full time, I also made time to volunteer with the Boys & Girls Club. During law school, I continued to give back to the community through my participation in the Big Brothers & Big Sister's Program. Since law school, I 've become a successful Constitutional & Family Lawyer, with a practice focused not on getting rich, but helping real people with real problems.

As I’ve progressed through my professional career, I’ve realized that what Washington needs is more people like me; level headed individuals who came from nothing and put themselves in a position to succeed. Someone who actually understands what it's like to have to choose between things most people take for granted. Someone who understands the consequences of failure, yet has a proven record of remaining cool under pressure and taking on multiple responsibilities at once, because they're called responsibilities for a reason. If our representatives would put regular Americans first, instead of party politics, we could actually move this country forward. With me in office, the average American, who just wants a fair shake at life, would not only gain a valuable ally, but also an effective advocate.

Supporters of the millionaire democratic candidate spent tens of thousands of your tax dollars
and private money to disenfranchise voters and keep Eric Reyes off the ballot.
As a result, Eric Reyes has declared his intent to be a Write-in Candidate in all 14 counties of the 17th District, except Jo Daviess.

Remember, on November 6th, don't settle for the lesser of two evils...



Devin H
Devin H

No comment from me personally on the issue. But as a regular commenter here, I can see the campaigns have come out to support their candidate with fake and/or rarely used Avatars. Some created today, some created just to comment on this race, and some not used in ages until now. At least the campaigns are engaged enough to comment. :)


Does anyone even know this woman or why she is running for Congress, besides being handpicked by Dick Durbin? Durbin is a Washington insider and puppet for the Obama Administration and the rest of the Democrat, do-nothing establishment. Bobby Schilling is a good man who is working to do the right thing for everyone and keeping jobs in our country.

Fred W

Bobby's problem is that he let the Tea Party drag him around by the proverbial nose. He proved to be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Republican-controlled House and their obstructionism. He was more interested in signing pledges to the likes of a K Street lobbyist such as Grover Norquist rather than representing the 17th district. Nice guy, but in way over his head.

Addios Cocktail Crowd

Just what I would expect from the QC Times, another big spending dem gets their nod of apporval. Bustos will just go along with the Chicago machine, who support her, and spend more money that WE don't have. As a U.S. rep she will have the ability to mess up the nation, not just East Moline.


I'm really disappointed in my local paper and their lack of objectivity and knowledge of the people reading their publication. Not only were Mrs. Bustos's former colleagues on the panel but their so-called priorities are completely out of touch with residents in the QC area. With unemployment in Illinois still higher than the national average, we need jobs. We want good-paying jobs that allow us to support our families and save for retirement. We want our children to graduate from college and find a job that allows them to begin a life that they worked so hard to be able to start. We also want someone who will spend our tax dollars wisely and reduce our soaring national debt. Unfortunately, this paper didn't seem to take any of these into consideration when making their choice to represent us in Congress.

However, when they did mention growing jobs they mentioned two companies that have supported and put their faith in Congressman Schilling. They did mention the I-74 bridge, which I drive over nearly everyday and I know is in desperate need of repair, but I seem to remember the state of Illinois needing to give federal money for its repair and our Governor making this a priority only after Congressman Schilling and Secretary LaHood brought it to his attention. The other two so-called priorities have something to do with our mess of a state.

How can you make your choice for a federal official by his "failure" to straighten out the "machine," better known as our state government, that isn't even controlled by the same party as the candidate in question? Unlike the paper I rely on to provide me with unbiased, daily news, I will make my choice on Nov. 6th based on a fair assessment of the candidates and their plan to help create jobs and allow my family a better future.


How do we ever get a grip on our fiscal problems by continuing pork barrel politics? Is that going to be the measure of effectiveness, how much we add to the debt and deficit? No, I won't vote for Bustos or any democrat until they grow up and become fiscally and socially responsible.


Its funny how Sensata was planning to close all the way back when Phil Hare was Congressmen. If you want to point finger's it should be at him DEL WASSO

Ralph Simmons

Didn't Bustos used to work at the QC Times? No surprises here.

It's disheartening that some of her old colleagues were a part of this process. Sounds a lot like the back door dealings she seems adept at already. I mean Dick Durbin bullied other candidates out of this race so Bustos could run. Pretty empty endorsement to me.

Del Wasso

Freeport knows full well how slimey Bobby Schilling can be. He turned his back on us when Sensata Tech decided to outsource 170 Freeport jobs to communist Red China. All we asked of him was to co-sponsor the 'Bring American Jobs Home' Act - knowing full well that the bill would be blocked by GOP obstructionism in the House.

But no.

Schilling's partisan zeal stopped him from supporting local area jobs, preferring, instead, to lend his support to the biggest contributer to the National Republican Congressional Committee's election year Super Pac: Bain Capital.

Win or lose, Congressman Schilling, you are an immoral, evil little man, whose actions border on treason.


Shocker alert!!! Times endorses one of their own. Just goes to show u that if u work for the Times for 17 years and live in Iowa for the last five the Times will endorse u! It's no wonder this paper is losing their subscribers in droves! All 5 independent minded papers in the district endorsed Bobby Shilling because he best represents all of the people in our district. I wouldn't expect an out of touch with the people, Iowa based paper to appreciate this.

Del Wasso

He didn't represent the 170 workers in Freeport whose jobs are being sent over to Red China. AC.

He shrugged his shoulders.

No American worker is deserving or entitled to a job, let alone one that pays well with decent benefits, but... no American employer is deserving or entitled to communist Chinese labor, either.

Sensata lobbyied government and got the Free Trade Agreement that allowed them to outsource the Freeport plant, and the 170 employees?

They got pink slips.

Someone got represented in Congress under Schilling's 'leadership'.

But it certainly wasn't Freeport.


Is that the same trade treaty worked out by the democrats. The same treaty that before they finalized it knew would cost Americans jobs but did it anyway.


Good choice. Schilling seems like a mindless tea party stooge, and ran some disgusting and dishonest ads.


TP's take note: You are getting no love from QCT.

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