Everyone should be perky (pardon, rhymes with “turkey”) to know that turkey notes are getting trendy. The move is away from the hackney old “Turkey red/ turkey blue/ turkey says/ I love you.” The color-jingle is fading.

Turkey notes are being modernized. Thank goodness some of those still use colors. That’s how great-great-grandma Nell wrote turkey notes when she folded and frilled them for church turkey suppers.

Since time knows when, turkey notes have been indigenous to Davenport. No other cities. But this year, they came from all over this neck of the woods.

By now, I’m not going to explain what they are, other than they are frilly wrapped rhymes to be put on the Thanksgiving dinner plate. They’re to be four lines, but for space, I’ve cut them into twos or threes. The rhythm of verse isn’t important; it’s all in the message. Most of them are happy; by jiminy, they’re really snappy. A sampling of this year’s batch from readers …


My turkey’s not done/It’s oh, so rare/ 

It jumped off the table/And pulled up a chair.


Turkey on Facebook/Turkey on Twitter/ 

*OMG LOL/He’s pick of the litter.

*(Oh my gosh; laugh out loud)


Turkey red/Turkey purple/ 

I like mine/With maple syrple.


Turkey shouts/Turkey talks/ 

Turkey says/ “Let’s go, Hawks”


Turkey orange/Turkey red/

Turkey says/Today I’m staying in bed.


Turkey pumpkin/Turkey spice/ 

Turkey says/ “You’re really nice.”


Turkey black/Turkey white/

Don’t give me pie/After you took a bite.


Turkey red/Turkey blue/

Turkey says/ “How do you do.”


In top hat and cape/Turkey tried his escape/

But there stood cook/ With her telling grin/

“Egads,” sighed Tom, ‘Foiled’ again.”


Turkey blue/Turkey pink/

My feathery friend/ Is thawing in the sink.


Happy Turkey Day/For all of you/

Hope you have/A helluva-boop-boop-de-doo


This turkey’s struggling/I have a real conundrum/

How to create a turkey note/good enough for Wundram


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