The kids are back in school and there’s no question that we have lost summer. It went away in a baking wither that left our lawns toasted. Summer is gone. This year, a sweet summer never really happened in the Quad-Cities.

It’s Friday, so let’s all goof off. One thing to rejoice is that this is National Black Cow Root Beer Day. Some of the innocent young don’t know that a black cow is a root beer float. Who cares, so long as it comes in a tall glass (real glass, no cardboard cup) with at least two scoops of vanilla and a head of foam.

One guy who deserves to goof off is Del Peiffer, the Hotel Blackhawk’s boss man of food services, who worked 40 straight hours — with only a quickie nap — during the happy mayhem of President Barack Obama’s overnighter at the hotel.

Del was back at work Thursday, bleary-eyed and   still wondering           where those brown eggs — yes, brown eggs — came from for the president’s breakfast. He figures a White House chef brought them especially along in a fridge that was aboard the megabus that carried the president.

President Obama was served in his suite three brown eggs over medium, with two pieces of wheat toast and three pieces of turkey sausage.  Chunks of watermelon on the side. Now you know.

Add presidential tidbits …

SECURITY was supreme, even on the waters, during the Obama visit. Tillie Savala and husband Richard of Davenport were fishing for catfish in front of the Col. Davenport house on Arsenal Island. She’s a retired Arsenal employee, “with liberty to fish on the island,” she says. Up comes a U.S. Coast Guard boat.  “They politely told us to leave for four hours,” Tillie says.  She asked if the president was going to visit the Arsenal. “They just looked at me and smiled.”

HOPEFUL OF A GLIMPSE of President Obama, Ken Koupal, chairman of the Quad-Cities Chamber board, made dinner reservations for an entourage of associates at the Blackhawk’s Bix Bistro.   Tara Barney, CEO of the chamber, and others nibbled on hors d’oeuvres while waiting, seated with a good view of the elevators. They didn’t see Obama — he took a back service elevator — but she sighs, “We had a nice dinner while waiting.” And Koupal picked up the tab.

Q-C kindness

Maj. Leah Kenfield was in her Army greens in the checkout line at Davenport’s SuperTarget. She had a bunch of stuff on the conveyor and had turned around for just a moment. When she looked back, all her purchases were bagged and ready to go.

She was puzzled, of course. She asked the checkout person what had happened and was told that someone  — recognizing her military outfit — paid for her items.

Tearfully, she told her husband, Lt. Col. Mike Kenfield, of the thoughtful incident. Leah is with the Army Sustainment Command at the Arsenal.  Her husband is director of public affairs for the First Army.  Both are new to the Quad-Cities.

“I’m well-traveled in the service and we’ve never encountered such hospitality as the Quad-Cities,” he says. “People in this community — all phases — are so friendly. They really have heart.”


Another pair of bronze glasses have been broken off the mug of my statue at Bix Point in front of this newspaper. Ted McElhiney, the sculptor, says he is going to perform LASIK surgery on the statue’s eyes so glasses won’t be needed.


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