Never let it be said that turkey notes are getting untied. They’re still silly fun and keep on gobbling.

Some turkey notes are going mod and metro:

Turkey loves to rap

He never does it wrong

He jumps up on the table

And sings a hip hop song.

Turkey is very cool

And very, very smart

He jumped right out

of the grocery cart.

TRADITIONALLY, some rhyme with colors:

Turkey red

Turkey brown

Turkey says

On Thursday I leave town.

Turkey brown

Turkey yellow

I like turkey                               on my plate

Not with my                     lemon Jell-O.

In all the years that I cheered turkey notes, I have claimed they were indigenous to Davenport.  Dianne Lannen of Davenport begs to differ. “I have been making turkey notes since I was about 9. My mom was born in Berlin, Germany, and she always made turkey notes.”  (I never knew they had Thanksgiving in Germany.)

Some turkey notes are old standbys, like Leonard Geifman’s favorite:

Turkey drumstick,

Turkey wing

I can’t believe

You ate the whole darned thing.

“For the third year in a row, Good2Go will put turkey notes with all our deliveries,” says Lisa Lewis Garman, owner of the Davenport service that delivers meals from restaurants to Quad-Citizens. “We expect to write 250 turkey notes this year. We’re proud to join you in keeping a silly and sweet Davenport tradition alive — my grandma would be very pleased to know it’s not been forgotten.”

Kathy Nagle, Davenport, says when her husband had his hip replaced, a niece sent him a turkey note:

Turkey mouth,

Turkey lips,

Here’s hoping you can

Move your hips.

A few more  from this year’s basket of turkey notes:

Gimme more turkey,

gimme more pie,

 I’m not on a diet,

that’s no lie.

Turkey pink,

 Turkey white,

Nothing but bones,

by tomorrow night.

Turkey red,

 Turkey white,

 Turkey says

 Eat beef tonight.

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