Everyone should have a dream house.  I mean the kind of house they dream about. Dream houses are important in your life.

If I had all the money in the world, I know what kind of house it would be. It would not be a big house.  We’ve had enough big houses in our lifetime. Big houses are nice, but mostly useless. They are as useless as a separate living room, which used to be called the parlor that no one ever used.

Our dream house would be a simple house, easy to clean.


WE TALK ABOUT OUR  dream house all the time as I ramble around our condo that is big enough to house at least two more families. We left a big home on a Bettendorf hillside that had nine rooms. It was time to scale down, we said. We ended up with just about the same size in a condo, but without 1 1/2 acres of land.

When in the Northland, we spend time in a friend’s guest house. It has a clock tower and lookout, which is charming, but it takes too many steps for me to climb comfortably. Every time we spend a week or so in this guest house, we agree, “This is the kind of place where we should live.”

Our dream house would be one story, with big windows on every wall and no curtains or drapes. The place would love sunshine. Too many houses today don’t have enough windows.

The whole place would be white. It would be as white as the inside of an Eskimo’s igloo. We’re weary of dark houses.  

“THIS DREAM HOUSE would have a window above the kitchen sink,” my wife insists. We don’t have a window above the sink in our condo, so that depresses her. We had a leaded-glass window of strawberries and vines built above our condo sink as a cheery substitute for a window. That is still not the same as a real window. 

The heart of our big dream house would be a colossal living room, with wood floors and Oriental rugs.  We would carry out our lives in this room, with a high ceiling crossed by heavy beams. Other alcoves — like the kitchen — would branch out surreptitiously from the living room. But mostly, our place, except for bathrooms and a bedroom, would just be one big living room. That room would be so comfortable that you could not resist plopping into a big, mushy red chair and napping or reading some history book like “Lee and Grant.”

OUR DREAM living room would have a brick fireplace reaching the ceiling. Just about every room in our dream house would have a fireplace. There would be a fireplace in the kitchen. In one house where we lived, we had a fireplace built in the kitchen. It was so cozy we rarely left that room. We would also have a fireplace in the bedroom. That makes three fireplaces, which would be enough.

At least one nook of the living room would be solid with bookcases. They would be full of books that we never read. The living room would have a dining area in one end. It would have a big bay window. The opposite end of the living room would have the same-size bay window.

There would be only one bedroom. If there were children or visitors from out of town, they could stay in a motel. Our dream house would not be a motel.

THERE WOULD be no cellar. Cellars are just good excuses for places to keep half-empty cans of paint that you will never use.

Most important of all, our dream house would have two full bathrooms. Separate bathrooms are the key to a successful marriage.

Now you know all about our dream house. Allow us to have the dimensions if you see anything like it in House Beautiful.

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