We sat at the kitchen table the other night. We had candlelight. Being the emotional type, I was teary-eyed. I get that way easily. “It’s just a few days away,” I said.

“Did you think we would go on this long?” Helen asked.

Yes, I knew it would. In a few days, it will be our wedding anniversary. Everyone who is married for at least one year has an anniversary. But this will be our 65th wedding anniversary. People live older these days, and marriages last longer, but not many are married for 65 years. That is a lot of love.

Helen looked lovely. She is beautiful. So young looking. “Shush,” she said. “There is no reason for people to know my age, any more than I should go around saying, ‘Bill will be 93 in a couple of weeks.’”

Some people have 25th or 50th anniversary parties. Relatives flock in like lemmings to the sea. Maybe they just like the idea of having a slice of anniversary cake.

We don’t want a party or a cake. We just want to be alone to talk about those 65 grand years. Of our kids, Tim, Becky and Pete. Of the time Tony Bennett kissed Helen’s cheek. Of all the houses we have lived in, never quite satisfied with any of them. Of Tahiti and spending Christmas on Christmas Island.

We talked a long time, and then we went to bed. Being married for 65 years is a lot of love.

This I miss …

DINNERS at Gram’s house, always with real mashed potatoes and gravy that only a grandmother can make.

SUNDAY drives.

REAL A&W root beer stands.

TYPEWRITERS that made a little ding at the end of the line.

Get ready — snow and shivers

It’s always the weather that gives us the heebie-jeebies. Jim Goetsch of Long Grove called, worried to death about when I’m going to put Steve Gottschalk's winter forecast into print. “I really depend upon him.”

Relax, Jim. Here’s the lowdown from Steve, the small town (Lowden, Iowa) sage of the weather. He depends on cats and caterpillars and stages of the moon. It would be an interesting weathercast if Steve would team up some night with erudite Erik Maitland on KWQC with cats and caterpillars.

The upcoming weather, according to the gospel of Steve, points to a winter with enough snow to keep the kids happy. Of high importance, Steve is predicting a white Christmas. “I think our first big snow of the season would be around Dec. 18, about 5 inches.”

Gottschalk depends a lot upon the moon for his forecasting, During December we can expect 6 inches or more of snow when the new moon first appears in the Quad-City heavens, and more snow when it’s a full moon.

“During January, heaviest snowfall when the moon is full. February full moons call for heavy snowfall. March full moon will bring 6 inches or more snow.”

Steve has a good excuse. “By full moon, I mean the week of that particular phase.”

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