The Wundram bobblehead before it was reassembled.

One sunny Saturday afternoon several summers ago, the Quad-Cities River Bandits gave away Wundram bobbleheads to the first 1,000 in line at the gate to buy a ticket. The line stretched halfway to River Drive. My bobblehead was no Michelangelo, but it was a suitable likeness with notebook and pencil.

I couldn't begin to imagine where all those bobbleheads went. But I certainly never expected one to end up in a trash heap!

This past winter, Beth Van Zandt headed out with a bunch of do-gooders from the Muscatine Center for Social Action to get a count of how many homeless people were living in Muscatine “One of the last places we went was to the bridge on 5th Street,” says Beth, who found a lot of empty bottles, bags, food containers. She even found a little plastic head.

“It was a Wundram head, a hunk of his bobble, and then a short pace away, was his muddy figure," Beth, a photographer for the Muscatine Journal, said. "The face was all dirty. I took it all back to my office. In the kitchen, I cleaned it up, gave it a good bath and attached the head. I cleaned the mud out of the teeth and glasses, using a toothpick. It looks like new. Co-workers John Blunk and Carol Peterson got a kick out of it. I proudly display it.”

Personally, I feel a modicum of pride. I have been saved from the dump

The art of being a Quad-Citizen

In an April 23 column, I gave advice on how to be a Quad-Citizen. Here are a few responses that followed. One included a photo of different kinds of shoes to be worn during a typical day of our unpredictable inclement weather. 

“I HAVE BEEN here 47 years out of 70, so I am not a natïve. But the natives here whether walking, jogging, running or pushing baby carriages do so with their backs to the traffic,” says Terry Sullivan of Davenport. “Where I come from we learned to do so facing traffic for safety first."

“EVERY TIME I read the Quad-City Times, my buttons burst with pride,” says Ann Held of Davenport. “We’ve been in this community since 1975, and man, the community has improved in those 42 years. The Quad-Cities has everything to be proud of.”

“IF YOU are a Quad-Citizen, and pedestrian, you need three eyes in your head. The Quad-City pedestrian must have luck to try and cross a street without being struck by a vehicle,” says Marsha Marietta of Davenport.

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