PASTA had not been invented. It was macaroni or spaghetti. There were still some corner grocery stores, but supermarkets like Eagle, Geifman and Tenenbom were blossoming.

PIZZA? Sounds like a leaning tower somewhere.

OIL was for lubricating. Fat was for cooking.

TEA was made in a teapot, using tea leaves. What? Instant tea!

ALL potato chips were plain.

CUBED sugar was regarded as posh.

CHICKEN WINGS were not something we liked to eat.

NONE of us ever heard of yogurt.

HEALTHY food consisted of anything that was edible.

COOKING outside was called camping.

"KEBAB" was not even a word.

WATER came out of the tap. If someone had suggested bottling it, they would have said “impossible.” A buck for a bottle of drinking water?

PRUNES were medicinal.

THREE THINGS we never-ever had on or at our table in 1950s: elbows, hats and cellphones.

Trifles of life in 2017 …

Four pleasant things:

TWO blocks of unobstructed driving without street repair work in the Quad-Cities

THE FASTEST line at the supermarket.

YOUR KEYS are found just where you left them.

A FRESH POT of coffee that you didn’t make yourself in the office break room.

Eight things that we can do without:

PEOPLE who do not return your telephone call.

PESTY CALLERS who claim that you have just won a $10,000 free trip to Tahiti.

HANGING on hold for 10 minutes while waiting for a customer service representative.

OPERATORS who spiel a long list of department numbers to punch when you only want to ask if your prescription is ready.

CARS that appear to have their rear windows painted black. They look like something from a mortuary.

PITCHMEN who hold their kids as props in television commercials.

JUNK mail.

LISTS like this of things that we can do without.

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