I sit here, studying the computer screen’s crop of a day’s emails. After a recent column on my loss of driving privileges, responses have been sympathetic. Warms my heart.

JOHN GOSMA, Davenport attorney, says: “Outstanding column about cars. Heartfelt, touching, humorous. I’m sorry you’re in this situation. It’s what most of us fear, of course. But it doesn’t seem right for you. With Helen’s help, I know you’re handling it well."

“I AM a 63-year-old Arsenal retiree. I certainly understand your love of driving and feel your loss of that joy,” says Darryl Blackburn of Davenport. “I’m willing to donate a couple of days a month to drive you to wherever you wish to go. We can’t let those interesting stories cease.”

“I KNOW there will be a day when I will be in your shoes. I could use a trip on one of your adventures,” says Carol Nelson, Davenport. “So whenever you and your wife would like to go on one, I drive a Ford F150 that rides like a Cadillac! I am available, 24/7 for any adventure the Wundrams would like to partake.”

ZILPHA GROOMS, East Moline, writes: “A bummer. I’m so sad that you lost your driving rights. I remember your love of convertibles and I don’t blame you for feeling hurt. I have lots of emojis that express your exact feelings.”

A SYMPATHETIC note from Marilyn C. Leonard of Bettendorf: "That is one of my biggest worries, being unable to drive myself where and when I want to, is SO important. I surely hope Helen can keep driving you. You two are lucky to still have one another to depend upon.”

What's a black cow?

“Thanks for the nice shout-out in your ice cream column," says Jon Tunberg, co-owner of the Whiteys ice cream parlors, writes after a July 9 observation on the wonders of ice cream. “It’s funny that you mentioned black cows because we were just discussing those last week, about how the younger generation would have no idea if you said that you loved black cows. My daughter Annika, who has been back here working with us for the last year, was one of those ‘younger generation’ whose face went blank when we mentioned black cows! I guess she needs more instruction into the ice cream business.”


"GOOD NEWS," reports John Blunk ,a fellow QCT/Muscatine Journal employee. “I stopped at Dollar Tree, looking for a special type card. None. Then, I remembered I might have some cards in a closet at home. I started going through an old shoebox and found $1,000 in cash. It probably has been in that box for 10 years. Since, I’ve been going through old boxes and have found zero cash.”

“I APPRECIATE your support for all the little towns. You keep them on the map,” emails Molly Burke, who lives in Mesa, Arizona, but calls herself “still a good ol’ Iowa girl.”

“You keep places like Petersville alive with their church dinners. I was baptized and married in that beautiful old church. I’ll never forget Buzzy’s in Welton that you wrote about. Buzzy is the only thing that keeps what’s left of the town alive. Once, Welton even had a high school.”

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