RKO Orpheum Theater

The marquee when the Adler Theatre was known as the RKO Orpheum.

When a newcomer arrives in town to stay, you want them to feel cozy, just like home. Follow this learned guide to becoming a true Quad-Citian:

• In the Quad-Cities, you're not weird if you find yourself wearing boots and flip flops on the same day. Our weather is exciting, You wear a top coat or sweater in the morning, and sweat in a T-shirt when you go home. You turn on the heat when you get up in the morning and the air conditioning at night.

• You're not fooled by all those orange cones and warning doo-dads on every street. Only newcomers believe they are Halloween decorations that are here to stay.

• You become an official Quad-Citian when you can name the four Quad-Cities without hesitation. (Although there is little agreement over which of our many cities are the "real" Quad-Cities.)

• You realize the Mark will always be the Mark.

• You know that Joe, means Happy Joe Whitty, and no other guy.

• You're not inclined to pronounce Milan as "Mahlan."

• You can shed a tear when passing the old Capitol Theater, saying, “Yup, I guess that is where they used to show talking movies.”

• To you, the Adler Theatre will always be the Orpheum.

• You joyously realize that the District in downtown Rock Island is a fun, place with plenty of little shops and watering holes to knock off a toddy. 

• You know that Vander Veer Park (really botanical garden) is a place where you can get married, exercise your dog, get a suntan, take pictures by the magic color fountain and stroll the promenade with a kiss.

• You believe with all your heart that downtown Davenport’s pretty skybridge to nowhere will someday go somewhere.

• You're savvy enough to know that the big downtown Davenport residential building has “Mustard” painted on one side because they used to make mustard in the place.

• You're eager to hear “All aboa-r-r-rd!” echoing  in one of our cities again. That's because Moline soon will have a depot for passenger trains and make us think we are Grand Central Station.

• You bust your buttons, proud that our downtowns are looking so good again.

• Most of all, you know in your heart and soul that we are really a swell place to live. We’re OK in spite of all the torn-up streets!

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