What gives with this weather?   Big snowflakes were falling from the sky on Sunday morning, and now they talk of 50 degrees by midweek. Last week’s  intermittent wind chill made our teeth do the cha-cha-cha.

 Now, the weather calms, but Jack Frost lingers. I took Molly out for a morning walk and our neighbor’s lawn was  white as a bedsheet from frost.  Molly was delighted by the chill.

  At  night I listen to the wind in the pines that are taller than our house.    We had a tree man visit to consider trimming pine limbs before heavy snow falls. “Leave  them as they are until springtime.  Pine trees like snow in their arms,” he said.   

The days move more swiftly. Dusk is early. The days seem to march more swiftly toward the solstice.  That’s Dec. 21, shortest day of the year.  We’ve all but forgotten about the long warm nights of summer when  we were startled to see foxes,  one mom and dad  with a cute litter of kits, frolicking  in our yards.   They have disappeared, but one barks sharply from a hillside along the new road.

  We listen to wind’s skitter of leaves.  For some, it is too cold now to rake. Nature has no reason to be neat.

What’s happened to turkey notes?

Something has gone terribly wrong.  There are no turkey notes.   Every year by now, I am deluged with turkey notes from grownups, schools, from everywhere on the universe.  One or two times a week, I ran them with a flourish.  I've tried to keep the practice going, as indigenous to Davenport.   But this season, I am sad. Has an era ended? No more  “Turkey red, turkey blue, turkey says I love you?”

 Another encore for the doctors

At first it was unusual, but that was eight years ago.  Genesis doctors did it again gloriously Sunday, their eighth concert.  This time it was a holiday recital by eight doctor-soloists.  They made magnificent music, this time at  First Presbyterian Church, Davenport.  Flute/whistles and big bass fiddle and the lovely voice of Dr. Michelle Yates.   Always the star, Dr. Randy Lewis, who could have been a concert pianist.  Glen Roebuck, who emceed the concert, was snappiest on stage in his red bow tie and matching pocket square.

In the twi-night, is there anything more beautiful than the leaded glass windows of First Pres?

 Four phone things to do without

  • PEOPLE who do not return your telephone call.                                                                         
  • BEING left on hold for 10 minutes while waiting for a customer service representative.
  • OPERATORS who spiel a long list of department numbers to punch on your dial  when you only want to ask if your prescription is ready.
  • CALLERS who claim that you have won a $10,000 free trip to Tahiti.


Groucho:  I was shot in the war.

Chico: Have a scar?

Groucho: No, I gave up smoking

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