Apparently there are enough reruns to go around for everyone.

KWQC entered the repeat fray over Labor Day weekend when it launched Cozi TV at Ch. 6.3 on its digital subchannel.

While MeTV (seen here on KLJB-TV 18.3 and KGCW-TV 26.3) and Antenna TV (on WQAD-TV 8.2) play mostly classic sitcoms, Cozi is footed in drama.

"Lassie" and Westerns such as "The Lone Ranger," "The Roy Rogers Show" and "The Virginian" are on early in the morning, with repeats of "Marcus Welby, M.D." at 11 a.m.

Late afternoons feature "Highway to Heaven" and "I Spy." And the prime-time lineup has three-hour blocks of "Charlie's Angels" (Tuesday), "The Six Million Dollar Man" (Wednesday) and "Magnum P.I." (Thursdays).

Most of the rest of the time is filled with movies, and Monday prime-time reruns the elements of the old "NBC Mystery Movie" cycle, including "MacMillan and Wife" and "McCloud."

NBC is behind the channel, offering it first to its affiliates, KWQC general manager Ken Freedman said. And NBC's parent company, Universal, is behind many of the movies on Cozi.

Freedman said that after adding the necessary equipment to provide another digital channel (the 24/7 weather channel is still at 6.2), the station went shopping for possibilities.

"What we have seen is the best digital subchannels that have been launched so far have been the ones that have got some of these retro programs that maybe hearken back to a simpler time," he said.

"Family viewing happened, and you didn't have be shocked when you were watching something with your kids and have to explain things," he added.

KWQC will break from the network at 11 p.m. weekdays, Freedman said, for a second airing of "The Queen Latifah Show," which the Channel 6 mother ship runs earlier in the day.

He said there is a possibility that "repurposed" newscasts could show up on Cozi, too.

Both Freedman and Mediacom spokeswoman Phyllis Peters said that cable carriage of the channel in the Quad-City area is a few weeks away. While those with a digital antenna can already watch Cozi, cable viewers in this area likely will find it at Channel 106.

Since its quiet launch this past weekend, Freedman said response has been positive.

"Our Facebook page lit up with people telling us how much they liked it," he added.

Helping Mike

A longtime piano player with one of the more well-known last names in Quad-City music circles is getting some help from his friends.

Mike Stroehle, who has played with a number of bands, most prominently and recently Night People, continues to have heart problems, including another operation this summer, coupled with nerve damage in his back.

Since being a full-time musician doesn't come with health insurance, friends and fans are rallying together to make gift card and gas card contributions to Stroehle to help offset expenses.

Organizers are even looking for get-well cards or notes from longtime fans saying how much they loved his music in their teen years.

All of them can be sent to: Mike Stroehle, P.O. Box 542, Pleasant Valley, IA, 52722.

Mike and his brother Jim have played in numerous bands for several years, and I had an enjoyable interview with them about five years ago. Their late father, Joe, was instrumental in getting a young Bix Beiderbecke to move from Davenport to New York, as well as playing with another future music legend, drummer Louie Bellson, a Moline High School graduate.

Think 'Christmas'

Good news: "A Cadaver Christmas," the holiday-themed zombie movie that was made in the Quad-Cities and premiered in 2010, is getting national airplay.

Bad news: Its debut will be 1:45 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 6 (or late Saturday night, Oct. 5, if you prefer), on Showtime Beyond, one of the seven offshoots of the premium cable channel. It is scheduled to air again three more times in October. Maybe by the time December rolls around, it'll elevate to cult-classic status.

David Burke can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter, @entguy1.