Americans are tired of the hollow rhetoric. They're tired of two parties that, in a lot of ways, mirror each other. Any Democrat looking for a clear choice in the general election should caucus Monday for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Yes, Sanders of Vermont is an avowed socialist. Yes, he's pledged to raise taxes, particularly on the affluent. Sanders is challenging economic policy that is rotting the guts of the American experiment. And, of even greater importance, he's consistently done so for years. 

We spent more than an hour in a lively debate over this endorsement after face-to-face conversations with each candidate. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is hugely impressive. It's hard to keep one's jaw from going slack when she's delving into the intricacies of Tunisian politics or Pakistani feudalism. Many an editorial writer has already correctly opined on her experience and knowledge. She's been playing the game for decades. And she knows the issues, inside and out.

That fact is, at the same time, her greatest strength and her greatest weakness. Clinton embodies the status quo. 

Few topics are as ripe for debate as the consolidation of wealth and power in the the U.S. among a wealthy few. It's an argument that only Sanders appears to truly appreciate, one that should carry through to November.

Democratic Party leaders know that much of its base is tired with the middling "third way" spearheaded by Clinton's husband, Bill, in the 1990s. Think "with your head instead of your heart," party leaders say, a shot at Sanders' alleged lack of electability, while warily eyeing the polls and a lack of enthusiasm for the anointed candidate. But it's also an acknowledgement that much of the rank-and-file identifies with Sanders' core beliefs. His calls to splinter massive financial institutions, implement truly universal, single-payer health care and provide tuition free college strike to the very heart of Democratic principles.

The party, however, is asking voters to reject their maxims for more of the same.

Then-Sen. Clinton voted for the war in Iraq. Sanders opposed it. She supported the Patriot Act, one of the greatest assaults on civil liberties in the nation's history. Sanders opposed it. She supported the Wall Street bailout. Sanders opposed it. There's a pattern here. 

Sanders is correct: Experience and judgment aren't one and the same. 

It's on Sanders to convince Americans that he can play ball on the world stage. His domestic agenda is one thing. Now he must show that he can handle the big foreign policy questions. 

Clinton told us she can get things done, thanks to relationships built with Republicans. Sanders, she argues, can't, because his rhetoric is too extreme. However, a Clinton presidency would likely mirror that of President Barack Obama. Democrats aren't taking back the House anytime soon. Clobbering the Clintons has been the pastime of House Republicans for decades. Gridlock is the only result of years of disdain, mistrust and wasteful congressional investigations.

Some argue that Sanders' very entry into the race is a victory. He's shifted the conversation, they say. Clinton has moved left, they contend. That's enough. Now the 74-year-old should bow out and let the Democratic Party's hand-picked matriarch have her turn.

Gov. Martin O'Malley -- the other candidate seeking the Democratic nomination and a man who should be a strong contender in his own right -- is correct: The process is rigged. It's obviously not O'Malley's time. But the former Maryland governor might be the future of the Democratic Party. There should be a Cabinet position waiting for him, if Democrats hold on to the White House. 

In 2008, voters rejected Clinton for what they thought was a new era of political discourse. Obama has had his moments, for sure. But his supporters didn't get the new-century paradigm shift they desired. The corporatism persisted. Special interests and the wealthy continue to own Washington. Clinton is incapable of changing that. She's just too plugged in. 

If the Democratic Party is to move forward, it must abandon its compromised policy and differentiate itself come November. Only Sanders can accomplish that goal. 

Local editorials represent the opinion of the Quad-City Times editorial board, which consists of Publisher Deb Anselm, Executive Editor Autumn Phillips, Editorial Page Editor Jon Alexander, Associate Editor Bill Wundram City Editor Dan Bowerman and community representative John Wetzel.

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Go ahead Dems, take the advice of the QC Editorial Board - pick Bernie.

He will seal your fate in the general election - not that Hillary would accomplish the same thing!

Joe Francis

I tend to ignore the endorsements of people that find Hillary Clinton very impressive. If only those coin flips had gone the other way!


other socialists to remember:
Mark Twain
Oscar Wilde
Francis Bellamy ( yes, the author of the pledge of alligiance)
Bertrand Russell
Albert Einstein
Hellen Keller
Pablo Picasso

dont you just love the list game

Phelony Jones

People need to learn about the Fabian Society. The natural home to modern socialism.

Famous Fabians
HG Wells (Margaret Sanger's lover}
George Bernard Shaw
Leonard Woolf(wife : Virginia) architect of Wilson's League of Nations
John Maynard Keynes ( invited in by Woolf)
George Orwell(introduced by his French teacher at Eton, Aldous Huxley)

Orwell resigned in disgust and wrote 1984 thereafter, draw your own conclusion as we watch the rise of the police state as envisioned and enacted by the Progressives. It should be understood that Himmler, Heydrich and Hitler all adopted ideas from the Fabians and Sanger.

a bird in hand

the QCT...still mired in garbage...what a surprise

Imagine what they can do with >50% of the electorate, a cadre of two generations of unemployed college graduate indoctrinated Marxist stooges, an army of illegal alien invaders, an army of fanatic Islamist 'refugees', murdering criminals released from prison, fenestrated police departments across the land and an executive which commits treason on a whim and laughs and spits in our eyes as it gets away with it? welcome to the liberal progressive party of America...Stalin and Marx would be very pleased!


Jon, Jon, Jon. Nobody out East is gonna notice.


socialist to remember er, besides Bernie Sanders....
Pol Pot
Che Guevara


All eyes are on Iowa today. I couldn't sleep tonight because I cant help but think of the important turns history has taken and the many lives that have been affected by the ideology or lack of ideology of past presidents. This is really huge. While Iowa alone will not predict the winner, it will certain have some bearing. Ironically, Iowa comes to my mind, not because of the caucuses, but because of decisions about ideology that have have shaped the events of my lifetime.

Iowa is unique in the U.S. because it is the only state in the U.S. to have produced a successful socialist candidate to the U.S. Executive Office. Vice President Henry A. Wallace III was an avowed socialist who also served Sec. of Agriculture under FDR. FDR dumped John Nance Gardner for Wallace in 1936. Wallace in turn was dumped in 1944 for nondescript politician Harry S. Truman.

Wallace was a scientific genius and a planner on a massive scale who influenced many policies that might be considered socialist during the Great Depression and WWII that may have saved American agriculture and accordingly, the nation's status in the world. His subsidization of farming and commitment to feed the people of the world (and public schools) with agricultural over-production (guaranteed by price supports) during a critical time (depression, WWII, and post war Europe) was unprecedented and was hailed as one of many successful non-free enterprise policies of our nation that won friends and influenced people around the world. Following the war the Marshall plan to feed our allies in Europe was a huge part of Wallace's planning and influence as post-war Secretary of Commerce. On those merits alone he is hailed a national hero by the people of Iowa. His political polices reflected both socialistic and free enterprise solutions (Isn't that what we call mixed economy, not bound by idelogy?) American farmers idolized him and his uncle who in his day was the most influential editor in the state (The Wallace's Farmer). The Wallace family had clout in Iowa that was unmatched in that day.

Knowing he was in failing health and that a Socialist vice President was one heartbeat from the presidency, FDR dumped Wallace from the 1944 VP ticket for fear that as the war ended, Wallace would lean toward supporting communist nations, particularly Russia vis a vis our allies. That's how we got Truman, the decision to drop the bomb on populated cities of Japan, the NSC 68 commitments that guaranteed wars in Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere in the world, and last but not least, the separation of Palestine into two separate Israeli-Palestinian homelands, fueling a firestorm of bitterness that continues to the present.

Here's how it happened: FDR sent Wallace on a tour of China during the Democratic National Convention. He used that as an opportunity to remove Wallace from the ticket and replace him with Truman. Wallace was notified by telegraph the next day while in China. Wallace was offered the consolation prize of Secretary of State once FDR died and Truman assumed the presidency, but in a bait-and-switch move, Wallace was instead appointed Secretary of Commerce. His influence was diminished due to his conciliatory attitude toward Stalin. He sourly declared the American political system to be corrupt and faded from the scene. The people were in place to orchestrate the Cold War in that lasted until the Berlin Wall came down. That was huge for my generation.

What makes me wonder is whether we will see narrow political ideology once again create a climate that forces political candidates and voters to take short cuts fraught with logical fallacies whether in Iowa or elsewhere. It will be interesting to see if Iowans will influence presidential politics by either selecting or denying a "democratic socialist" whose policies, not unlike Henry Wallace's policies break the mold of the past and use creative mixes of public and free enterprise solutions for the unprecedented problems we face. This is going be an interesting and very strange election year indeed.



well there you go....another time, another place where EVERYONE worked or tried hard to work.

No gang bangers

no baby mammas

no food stamps

no paying able-bodied slugs to stay home

no gay marriage

no illegal law breakers

yep. It was the best of times

Ron San Pablo

Well done, Max. I didn't know this history. Please continue writing!


Thank you Times; you "Rock!"

In the last several months you have found your voice. Keep it up!


like minds slapping backs


Hillary Clinton has stated that being president is about "Hard Choices". She’s right…but most of her "Hard Choices", by her own admission, have been wrong.
For decades Hillary was adamantly opposed to LGBT rights. Now she claims to be for it.
She promoted Fracking while she was Secretary of State. She is personally invested in Keystone XL Pipeline. She pushed for TPP and referred to it as the ”Gold Standard” many times.
She does not support a $15 minimum wage. She is FOR the Death Penalty and Prisons for Profit. She is against Free College Education.
Hillary was adamantly against Gay marriage as late as 2013. Bernie, in 1985, as Mayor of Burlington set aside a day to be known as "Gay Pride Day."
Hillary has received millions from Wall Street. Bernie’s top donors are Labor Unions, Teacher Unions, and Nursing Unions and has over TWO MILLION individual contributions averaging $28. Hillary's Top Contributors: Morgan Stanley $636,564, Lehman Brothers $362,853, JP Morgan Chase $696,456, Goldman Sachs $760,740, Credit Suisse $318,120, Citigroup $824,402.
Hillary was a supporter of the Iraq War. Bernie was completely against the war and repeatedly called out Bush for his deliberate misinformation.
Hillary is against bringing back Glass Steagall Act. Bernie wants to bring back Glass Steagall.
Hillary participated in Republican campaigns for years. Bernie has always been an independent and has always caucused with Democrats.
Bernie Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and was arrested for protesting segregation. Hillary Clinton campaigned for Barry Goldwater, who opposed the Supreme Court's power to enforce school integration, voted in the Senate against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and whose campaign platform included his promise to repeal the legislation. The Clintons also celebrated "Confederate Flag Day" every year when Bill was governor of Arkansas.
Hillary is against a $15 minimum wage. Ever since he became a United States Senator, Bernie has made it one of his top goals to get a $15 minimum wage.
Hillary wants to "loosen" Marijuana penalties. Bernie wants to completely abolish the Federal prohibition of Marijuana.
Hillary has, on multiple occasions, called the TPP "The Gold Standard." Bernie has been against it since it was introduced.
Bernie has over 30 years of experience fighting for working Americans and is an honest and authentic candidate. Hillary...not so much.
Bernie's health care plan is predicted to save each American $1200 a year plus in insurance and pharmaceutical drugs costs.
Hillary opposes single payer healthcare and has received millions of dollars in contributions from pharmaceutical and health insurance companies.
Bernie received the highest VFW award in his fight for veterans’ rights and services. Hillary Clinton has a very long history of being a warmongering hawk and as president would pursue the failed policy of endless war.
She strongly supported the Defense of Marriage Act and has since said that choice was wrong. Bernie always opposed it and has always supported the rights of gay people.
She supported George W. Bush's Iraq war. She has since said that choice was wrong. Bernie opposed it and has stated that he will, absolutely, defend the United States but that war should always be the last option.
She supported the TPP trade deal many times and now says she opposes it. Bernie has always opposed NAFTA and the TPP.
Hillary supported the Keystone pipeline even when President Obama vetoed. She has since "changed her mind." Bernie opposed it from the beginning.
When you are President you don’t get a second chance. Fatal decisions send young American soldiers to war and often, disastrously, change the course of events and destabilize the world.
Ours is not a "Hard Choice" at all. We have Bernie Sanders - the leader who has made the right choices throughout his career.
The choice is between a corporate sponsored and controlled candidate who will say anything that she believes will get her elected and an honest man.
Bernie is a man of Integrity who has fought for the Middle Class, Labor, Women, Gay People, Civil Rights and Veterans his entire political career. He has a demonstrated a profound, consistent MORAL CONVICTION to do what is right by We the People! No super PACs, no secret donors writing checks for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, no free rides in corporate jets…just a sincere conviction to do what is right for the American people and the world.

Debbie Tee

Absolutely! And I have now seen estimates of $3-5,000 per year savings for most people before even accounting for the deductibles now that people must pay. This number would make sense, since many are paying $300-400 per month at least in premiums, but would probably pay a small fraction of that in their 'higher tax' of 2.2% on taxable income (it would be more if you earn $250K per year and upward, but that is almost no one in MY circle!).

Ron San Pablo

SoCal Danny, I'm from NoCal, and I am awed by your grasp of the facts. Your comments here, an essay, really, should be reprinted in every newspaper in the country. If it were, I think that would spell the end of Ms. Hillary and her lurking husband!


Hear, hear, Quad City Times! Unlike east coast liberal establishment editorial boards, you've understood the needs and mood of millions of Americans who've been left behind or shut out of the gains in wealth made by the top 1% of the economic elite. You have interpreted their anger and their enthusiasm for the platform of Senator Sanders as a call for structural change in the politics of the nation. Sanders is an unreconstructed New Dealer who will, if elected, lead the charge for adopting programs and policies that will restore balance in the distribution of wealth and will reinvigorate our democracy. Bravo for your courage!

Debbie Tee

Yes, one of the FEW articles I have seen since Sanders announced last May that really 'gets' what has been happening with most people. Most of the mainstream won't know until it's over.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Cabbage and jalapenos. Another way to feel the bern...and for much the same reason.


Liberals and the media are notorious for questioning the age of GOP candidates in terms of ability to simply meet the demands of the office.

Age was a consistent talking point with Dole, McCain, and famously, Reagan.

I wonder if Bernie's age, older than all three example, is a concern.




If you are "feeling the bern," you should go to the doctor.

...which incidentally, you won't have reasonable access to under a Sanders Administration. Better get it looked at now!!

Debbie Tee

Incidentally, have YOU ever lived in a country with free healthcare? I have. And many of my friends have. And many Americans have for a time when living overseas. They all seem to love it.


Its never "free", its just who you get to stick with the bill.


"Yes, Sanders of Vermont is an avowed socialist."

To describe the GOP as "fringe" and "extreme" and then endorse a socialist says a lot about where the QCT stands politically.

Do a Google image search for "socialist shelves" to see what this country would look like with Sanders in charge.


Democratic socialism means actually getting something for our ridiculous tax rate. Roads and bridges that are not falling apart. Water pipes that do not poison. Prisons that are for punishment and rehab instead of for profit. $1500 a year to the government to cover healthcare instead of $15k to a private insurer. I could go on and on, But there is no educating the willfully ignorant.


Someone is willfully ignorant, that's for sure.

Name the democratic socialist state in the world where roads and bridges are not falling apart, where water is safe. Where good healthcare costs $1500 a year.

There simply isn't a better system than the "American Experiment" that the editorial board referred to in the endorsement.

...and when we HAVE voted for a president with socialism leanings, ie "redistribute the wealth" what has happened? The income gap is BIGGER. Rich are richer, poor are poorer.

Meanwhile, socialist countries everywhere are on the brink of bankruptcy while roads and bridges crumble.

Ever heard of Greece?

Debbie Tee

Why do you people always try to argue with the worst examples - do you think that Canada, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark and many other places are IMAGINARY??? Most of those people find it incredible what happens here in the US, with people not able to get proper healthcare, people who suffer, go without, die, can't afford prescriptions. They have healthcare and also take care of infrastructure, wow!! Is that so hard to believe?

Did you see that sweet Texas woman about 4 years back who was deaf? She was a young mother of two young girls, and her husband heard about a cochlear implant, and HIS mother emptied her small retirement account in order to pay for one - just one ear. The video went viral, they were invited on the Ellen show, Ellen paid the MIL's retirement money back and the company gave the second implant free due to all the great publicity. Her name is Sarah Churman, I will link the video. Well, since it went VIRAL, many people overseas saw it and they were HORRIFIED that this country did not automatically give her those implants when she was a child!! Many, MANY things like that are simply corrected in those countries because that's how they do it. Also, I met a doctor's wife in Tennessee. They were from Canada, and the wife wanted to RETURN to Canada because she was so disgusted with the lack of care, seeing children who needed glasses and dental work, etc., and could not get it.

Socialism? Democratic Socialism? "I do not think those words mean what you think they mean".


Social security is socialist.
Medicare is socialist.
The VA is socialist.
Most of city's (the smart ones) are socialist.
- The ones that have been privatized are the ones paying thru the nose because the business corp. that owns it is wringing out profits for itself and shareholders.


oops. omitted ... Most city's UTILITIES are socialist.....


Really?, here in Iowa our water (Iowa American) and electricity and gas (Mid American) are run by private companies.


Social Security, medicare, and the VA are not ringing endorsements for socialism.

Quite the opposite. Every single one of those examples is an unmitigated train wreck.

Debbie Tee

They could be better, but that is no reason to dismiss them. They have helped many, and will help many more, especially when the super rich actually get back to paying 'their fair share', which has not happened for about 35 years or more.


The answer is not to complete the transition to total socialism. Using bankrupt social programs as the proof of the superiority of socialism is flawed.

Debbie Tee

Bankrupt programs? You mean because for 35 years the greedy ones of the super rich lobbied for LOWER taxes and breaks and concessions for THEMSELVES, so they have hoarded more money and NOT paid 'their fair share' of taxes?? Those programs should have and COULD HAVE been better funded if the greedy ones of the super rich were NOT so greedy.

The ideas Bernie Sanders proposes are NOT 'total socialism'; he simply knows that capitalism and productivity should work for ALL, not just for a few, and sees how badly - and for how long - the system has been rigged. Too many of the almost 600 billionaires in this country and the many more multi-multi-millionaires just love to compete for 'who has the most when they die', so they have bought politicians and got laws passed that help THEM. There are some super rich who are fighting them, the ones that DO have a social conscience, and advocate going back to the days of higher taxes on the very rich in order to have a better country, a happier citizenry, etc. Nick Hanauer is one US billionaire who has spread the word that 'trickle down' was a stupid idea, and the super rich have basically been too greedy. And he supports Bernie Sanders.

I have read of many more super rich who have looked at what has been happening and are FOR higher taxes for themselves - one group of about 200 super rich is Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength, if you'd like to look them up.


Lets talk about the VA. Since the Bettendorf VA clinic does not have an eye doctor I am required to travel 120 miles round trip to Iowa City for a simple eye exam. Yes, the VA is sure a great system!

Debbie Tee

I think YOU need to do a Google search for Canada, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand and other countries that have democratic socialist governments. You might be surprised to find that these are NOT imaginary countries!!! OMG!!!


I applaud the Editorial Board for making a bold choice. It would have been far easier for them to shrug and endorse Clinton, and I am pleased to see our paper validate the support Bernie has earned from local Democrats and Independents. Those of us supporting Sanders have become accustomed to his being ignored or overlooked by the media, so it's refreshing to see my hometown paper give him his due. Thank you!


I was at the NYC Rally/March for Bernie Sanders on was awesome, thousands of people, high energy...but guess what? It was blacked out, not a mention of it in the media, but from the way things are looking, we dont really need them, #BernieSanders is catching on like wild fire, can you #FeeltheBern?
#BernieSanders 2016

Debbie Tee

The mainstream media has been oblivious and/or repressed. They think that keeping quiet will squelch the revolution.



¡Viva socialismo!

¡Viva Chavismo!


Wow....all those words from the QCTimes editorial board and not one mention about the fact that over 60% of all voters find her dishonest and not usual this paper buries the lead about missing the boat.......


I appreciate this QC Times endorsement. You chose the path we need in 2016, but it is the path least followed. I, like many many other Americans are beyond tired of politics as usual. Money & more money pushing "their" causes and candidates - keeping the status quo government in charge. We are done with that. We want a true democracy - one vote for each of us & no big business and big money in charge. Government of, by & most of all FOR the people!

lijlij briggy
lijlij briggy

Republicans are Red and Democrats are Blue, and neither one of them give a sh*t about you!
Bernie Sanders has been an independent politician all his life, his record speaks for itself. America needs a president that will deliver for the people and not beholding to corporate greed and money.

Debbie Tee

Yes, his record is very admirable! Between his record and his clarity, that is why even young folks love him, and are calling him a 'once in a lifetime' leader!

lijlij briggy
lijlij briggy

Republicans are Red and Democrats are Blue and neither one of them give a sh*t about you!
Bernie Sanders has been an independent politician for decades. His record speaks for itself. That's why he's the best candidate for this country now. Lord knows, we need to get money and corporate greed out of politics....... remember, whomever becomes President, gets to pick a Supreme Court Justices.


His record speaks for itself. He is a professional politician.

Bernie is paid to tell you that you are getting screwed. He rants that minimum wage is not high enough. While he thinks it is unfair, he does in fact receive a salary for his work fighting for you. How much should we pay you, Bernie? "I think $174,000 seems fair"

It's a great gig complete with a fat retirement plan.

Debbie Tee

OF COURSE he gets paid, and thank goodness we have had someone like him watching out for people, even if 'the establishment' usually did not listen. He is the 'poorest' person in this campaign, I think, one of only two people (Rubio on the Repub side is the other?) who are NOT millionaires (or a billionaire).

He was elected as Mayor, and RE-ELECTED 3 times. He ran for congress and then senate, usually elected by large margins. He did all this as an INDEPENDENT, and typically criticized BOTH PARTIES as he fought 'for the people'. He was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, and from what I have read, many veterans appreciate how he fought for them and they know very well it was REPUBLICANS blocking bills that would have helped them. You can see him in youtube videos going back over 20 years, trying to warn people about the same things he talks about today, because he saw early on the 'rigging' and what would come of it. You can see him scold Alan Greenspan in 2003, five years before the crash, telling Greenspan he was 'out of touch' and obviously did not know what was going on with 'real people' in this country. Bernie knew, and he tried to be heard.

It seems you are too blind or too pessimistic to recognize someone who has fought ALL HIS LIFE for other people, and who speaks the truth regardless of how 'popular' it is, and who will NOT accept corporate money for his campaign and who will NOT compromise his principles in order to 'get ahead'. And you mock him for having a paid job where he hoped to make a difference for people. I do not understand people like you, but you will still benefit from a country that changes for the better with such leadership.


Bernie complains about big corrupt banks and corporations ruining America...his solution...a big huge corrupt government to take over America. Just remember people as the government gets bigger and bigger the person you want running it will not always be there. That said lets get back to constitutional principles and shrink the government so no dishonest politicians, regardless of party, can dictate our lives.

Debbie Tee

A government 'for the people' would be a wonderful change, even if some aspects of it have to be bigger. And big banks and unfettered corporations are what have helped destroy the middle class. I will be thrilled to have a more progressive leader, probably the most progressive since FDR.


Democracy back in the hands of the people?

Bernie wants the government to take over everything...not put it in the hands of the people. So the idea is that we are so pleased with DC's handling of things that we want them to do even more?

These concepts were a fad in Bernie's prime, 50 years ago. Countries in Central and South America managed to implement these ideas. Europe too. The Soviets to a greater extent.

Contrast that with prosperity in the United States over the same period, with latitude for the individual to prosper.

And now our big idea is to try what of these other countries tried 50 years ago? Ignoring the obvious human rights issues in socialist countries or the economic dire straits that Europe is in now...even the most BASIC eye test would conclude that the United States has fared better under our principles. Bernie has spent a lifetime insisting our system doesn't work. Compared to what?

We don't need to try socialism to know it doesn't work. Look around the world.

Is the QC Times a serious source of information? I guess Bernie isn't a criminal, so that's one reason to endorse him over Hillary.

Richard H
Richard H

Great post


Just how will Bernie be able to implement his policies? I love him but do not see the Republicans passing anything Bernie proposes....they will obstruct, destroy anything he tries to do just like they've done with President Obama.
Hillary is smart enough to know that, so will keep, expand and improve ACA.
NO ONE has her experience in dealing with world leaders..she has earned their admiration and respect, she knows what works and what won't work.....her level of intelligence and understanding is above and beyond anyone else running ...
every major newspaper endorses Hillary..


Even if he gets nothing accomplished beyond obstructing the obstructionists, he has accomplished something.

Sad state of affairs...


Honestly, experience is great. It's not part of the prerequisite for the job, however. The biggest issue is whether we can trust her judgement. Sec. Gates, a republican, said she'd be a bigger warmonger than George W. Bush. She failed miserably in Libya and Syria. She was told to leave Burma. And Saudi Arabia said they want nothing to do with her. Germany is scared of her in office. She praised Colombia for its stance AGAINST labor unions. She's taken more money from Wall Street than anyone except Jeb this cycle. And she's a known racist.


Wow! Are you serious? Where do you get your info?.. Never mind..I'll take it for what's worth..nothing!


Synopsis of the QC Times endorsements: every democrat is so great it was hard to pick a candidate. However every republican candidate is so radical that only the establishment Kasich can do the job...i wonder why all these American newspapers are struggling?

Bill Edley
Bill Edley

Thank you editors for standing up for Mid-western values, and brilliantly, and bravely, stating the case for millions of frustrated working Americans. We need a New Deal from this rigged economy.


It is noteworthy,

That Old Bernie's votes never carried weight. He doesn't, and didn't, have leadership any capability.

That is clearly displayed in his record.


Actually, Bernie has more accomplishments than any politician on history. It's because of him directly your library books aren't part of the DHS database, for example. It's because of him Seniors got raises in SS over the last few years. He knows how to build coalitions.


Finally there is media willing to acknowledge the huge support of #BernieSamders and the consistency of his voting record, in support of the working and middle class, and addressing the corrupt campaign financing process and ever growing income inequality.


Hillary Clinton leaves many slack-jawed. Whether it is her ill-conceived Russian reset or bungled Libyan strategy to depose Qaddafi with no ensuing strategy, her tenure as Secretary of State was no success. Add to that her total disregard for national security with the use of a home-brew server and you have the embodiment of jaw-dropping ineptitude. Contrast this love note of an endorsement with your GOP pick in which the Republicans are slammed and you have exhibit A of media bias.


Hip Hip Hooray for the Quad City Times. A courageous endorsement since most other papers have stayed with the safe bet and endorsed Hillary. You folks were able to see clearly what the country needs and which candidate is the best choice. Thank you very much :)


Thank-you! Bernie is just what this country needs to get democracy back in the hands of the people. #NotMeUs #WeAreBernie #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern


Ya Bernie will let you Keep Your Doctor is you can find one and he will let you pick the supervisor of your labor camp too!

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