FILE: The old toll takers area is located under the I-74 bridge, Wednesday, March 22, 2017, it contains two large rooms, one on each side of the bridge. This is the east facing side whicch was built first with the first span.

Thumbs up to a promising start for the new I-74 bridge.

Sixteen bidders are interested in building either all or parts of the bridge, said Iowa Department of Transportation officials. Costs for the entire package ranged from $322 million to $416 million. State officials had anticipated the overall cost falling between $400 million and $450 million.

Obviously, it's early and massive public works are known for overruns and delays.

That said, here's hoping taxpayers in Iowa and Illinois end up paying for a bridge that's under-budget and ahead of schedule. 

Thumbs down to Moline and its partners for neglecting Bass Street's fountain for so long.

The fountain is the centerpiece of Moline's Bass Street Landing plaza. But, for years, local governments couldn't be bothered to pay for basic upkeep. It fell into disrepair, and vandals only exacerbated the problem.

This week, Moline City Council finally approved its share of the cash to rehab the run-down piece of public art. 

It's about time. 

Thumbs up to Carousel Trust and founders Richard Bittner and Dave Heller for creating a fine way to raise cash for local charities.

The double-decker carousel now under construction isn't the first non-baseball amenity serving Modern Woodmen Park. But, unlike the others, its profits will be distributed annually to 20 charities in Scott County.

For years, there have been grumbles about rides popping up in and around the ballpark. Some have argued that some of the cash should be used to better the riverfront. 

Bittner and Heller have come up with a smart response that will do good in the community.