Thumbs up to Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz and her team.

Tuesday will mark the second special election Moritz's office will oversee in a five-week span. Republican Mike Gonzales and Democrat Monica Kurth are vying for an open seat in Iowa's 89th District.

In Scott County, elections are consistently fair and efficient. 

Thumbs down to the Iowa Legislature, which is moving to severely weaken the state's transparency watchdog. 

On Thursday, the Senate approved $118 million in budget cuts and transfers to make up for less-than-anticipated tax revenues. Included in the cuts, because the sky is apparently falling, is a 44 percent de-funding of the Iowa Public Information Board (IPIB). The total savings would be $75,000.

IPIB is the only state remedy for citizens and the media to bring action against governments for transparency violations without costly litigation. 

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It's so little cash for such a big cost. 

Thumbs up to county auditors from throughout Iowa for bringing much-needed fact-based reason into the voter ID debate.

Auditors told a legislative committee this week that fraud is almost non-existent in Iowa. They also argued that Secretary of State Paul Pate's voter ID bill wouldn't solve much of anything.

If Legislators are really interested in running more efficient elections, they'll take the advice of those who run them. They'll update the state's clunky technology and avoid voter suppression at all cost.

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