A woman wears a pin with a caricature of Davenport schools Superintendent Art Tate during a meeting of community leaders supporting parity in education funding.

Thumbs up to Thumbs up to the striking bipartisan local support for school funding equity in Davenport. 

Liberals and conservatives alike joined the chorus backing Superintendent Art Tate's crusade to balance the state's disparate funding formula. Business groups, such as Quad-Cities Chamber of Commerce are leading the unofficial lobbying charge. They're joined by parents of all political stripes, the school board and even students themselves.

There's substantial opposition to the shift among some Iowa's most powerful entrenched interest groups. Only a totally unified front has a shot at success. 

Thumbs down to Illinois Rep. Mike Halpin for a straining attempt to explain his vote for Michael Madigan's continued speakership without saying Madigan's name.

You would think Madigan was out of a Harry Potter novel by the way Halpin's lengthy statement ducked and dodged, while never once actually saying "Michael Madigan."

It's Halpin's prerogative to think that Madigan's platform is the best for Illinoisans. It's also true that Halpin's options were limited when the vote went to the floor.

But let's not act as if Halpin's support of Madigan was something other than what it was. 

Thumbs up to Winter Iowa Senior Games for realizing the Mississippi River isn't a partition that divides the Quad-Cities.

The Quad-Cities event planned for Feb. 24-26 will hold events on both sides of the river. Up to 250 athletes are expected to compete in the inaugural event.

Too often, the geographic and state boundaries weaken the Quad-Cities as a whole, politically and economically.

Senior Games organizers didn't succumb to the historic boundaries.