Workers install new stainless steel equipment in the kitchen of Lunardi's Italian Restaurant,102 E. Kimberly Road in Davenport. The entire kitchen needed to be redone after a fire in December. 

Kevin E. Schmidt, QUAD-CITY TIMES

Thumbs up to Davenport city planners and development officials for what looks to be a successful rehabilitation of a long-languishing part of town.

East 6th Street is just a few blocks from the city's rejuvenated downtown. But its success didn't mirror downtown's. Instead, vacant houses littered the neighborhood.

But the city has aggressively pushed in-fill, the best weapon against urban sprawl, and its starting to pay off on East 6th. 

Several old homes are getting restored as people are tapping available grants and willing to invest in the neighborhood.

Thumbs down to the failure of Davenport's new surveillance cameras on Washington Street to serve their basic purpose.

The footage of a recent shooting wasn't up to snuff. It was the first test for the surveillance system. It didn't go well. The images were in no way helpful, police said.

There's robust debate about systems such as these and what they mean for privacy. It's all part of a larger argument about the intersection of security and privacy.

But, like in most communities, Davenport has decided the ends justify the means. It's not an unreasonable conclusion, but it is worth debating.

The system's failure to work when it's most needed, though, makes it just a little harder to defend.

Thumbs up to the Lunardi family, which persevered long enough to salvage a staple of the Quad-Cities food scene, Lunardi's Italian Restaurant.

A fire in December gutted the 27-year-old Italian restaurant. The Lunardi family this week announced that the rehab is nearing completion and the eatery on Kimberly Road in Davenport will soon reopen. 

Sure, insurance helped. But Lunardi's is a small, independent business that for almost five months has had to survive without revenue. 

That's a big lift.