Iowa’s fourth-place national finish for 2012 in voting age voter turnout merits a moment of celebration.

But just a moment.

Would any Iowa athletic program be satisfied finishing behind Minnesota and Wisconsin?

And it stings to lose the voter turnout race — even by a hair — to first primary state New Hampshire.

Our year-long caucus campaign frenzy should motivate more Iowans to vote in the November elections.

Iowa voter turnout easily trumped most other Big 10 states: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and, of course, Illinois. Iowans have always topped Illinois in voter turnout, and usually on the field, if not the court.

But languishing behind Minnesota and Wisconsin?

It’s time to step up the competition. Let’s create a Floyd of Rosedale-like traveling trophy to go to the state that’s tops in presidential election turnout.

Fourthh nationally certainly is noteworthy. But trumping border rivals Minnesota and Wisconsin would merit a real celebration.

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If they voted for either Romney or Obama, I'd have those best educated lists revised.


Give us some decent candidates to vote for, and turnout will rise. You give us two crooks from the same cloth every election.

coffee cup
coffee cup

Four of the best educated states all turned out for Obama. What lesson will the GOP wing nuts take away from that?

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