Iowa’s fourth-place national finish for 2012 in voting age voter turnout merits a moment of celebration.

But just a moment.

Would any Iowa athletic program be satisfied finishing behind Minnesota and Wisconsin?

And it stings to lose the voter turnout race — even by a hair — to first primary state New Hampshire.

Our year-long caucus campaign frenzy should motivate more Iowans to vote in the November elections.

Iowa voter turnout easily trumped most other Big 10 states: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and, of course, Illinois. Iowans have always topped Illinois in voter turnout, and usually on the field, if not the court.

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But languishing behind Minnesota and Wisconsin?

It’s time to step up the competition. Let’s create a Floyd of Rosedale-like traveling trophy to go to the state that’s tops in presidential election turnout.

Fourthh nationally certainly is noteworthy. But trumping border rivals Minnesota and Wisconsin would merit a real celebration.