Iowa’s highly touted crackdown on improper voting finally has resulted in some arrests that appear to justify Secretary of State Matt Schultz’ concerns. We’ll leave it to voters to decide if Schultz’ concerns merit the breadth of his two-year, $280,000 investigation.

Schultz drew headlines – and some catcalls – when he cross referenced federal immigration records with Iowa voting records. Then he paid an Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent to follow leads. Schultz, speaking Oct. 23 at a Scott County Republican Party fundraiser in Davenport, reported 20 active cases and five convictions. He said he expects “a lot” more.

The investigation yielded two arrests in Muscatine County. Both are documented immigrants charged for misrepresenting their citizenship status in an attempt to vote. Syliva Rada, 49, is alleged to have done it on an absentee ballot she filled out in 2012. Prosecutors say Mayra Lopez-Morales, 21, didn’t divulge her immigrant status on a voter registration form in 2012. Both face Class D felonies.

Schultz has drawn far more attention than results with his investigation of immigrant voter fraud. On Sept. 26, Tehvedin Murgic of Dallas County pleaded guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges of voter misconduct in the 2010 election. He was fined $1,325.

Schultz’ investigators busted Nickie Dean Perkins for failing to disclose his felony convictions when he registered to vote in 2012. Another investigation centers on Linn County voter alleged to have submitted an absentee ballot in another’s name. That investigation is pending.

After reporting on several elections decided by one vote, we can commend Schultz for his zero tolerance of voter misconduct. But rather than an organized scheme, he so far has uncovered a handful of individual cases that don’t seem to be part of any conspiracy. Indeed, the few founded cases after a two-year investigation seem to support the integrity of Iowa elections.

We share support for voter ID we find no more onerous than identification required to cash a Social Security check or buy an airline ticket. But so far, Schultz’ investigation suggests that two years spent on a public information and registration campaign might be a more effective path than a two-year criminal investigation.

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The MASIN Voter Fraud in Iowa in 2012 was the Republican Caucus

Plenty of ILLEGAL avtivity went on, little or none has been investigated ZERO arrests have been made

These scum are complete FRAUDS ./.....


"Speaking at a Republican Fundraiser"

Well now we know all we need to know about this guy's (lack of) Honesty ....


Nice headline, QCTimes." Voting Crackdown Finally Yields Arrests". I am so glad that those that voted were finally caught! It should read, "Voter Fraud Crackdown Finally Yields Arrests".
Although I doubt you would know the difference.


Cripes the entire Republican Cuacus last year was steeped in Voter Fraud ..... From bribing campaign managers to 'lost votes' to a caucus that took literally MONTHS to get straightened out

Yet not one person has gone to prison


Well, the vote is too important to allow fraud to take place. Asking for proper identification is NOT a barrier. I am sure you support the requirement of background checks and showing identification for the purchase of a gun, don't you, Finch? Well, the 2nd Amendment says that the people have the civil right to bear arms. Maybe there should be no barriers to obtaining firearms too--according to your logic.


Cashing a check and flying on an airplane are not civil rights. I don't worry much about citizens who don't have a driver's license finding it difficult to buy a plane ticket. I worry about them find it difficult to carry out the most basic civil rights -- to vote, to serve on a jury, etc. Yes, there has been a case in which someone won a small office by one vote. But, please. Statistically it's FAR more likely that putting up a barrier to voting would have an effect on elections than the minuscule number of people who should not vote, but do.


2nd Amendment? Right to bear arms? Show legal identification?? Barrier?? Think about it.

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