The deal seemed closed.

The price set.

The only thing keeping the

11-year-old Thomson prison from becoming federal property has been a Republican congressman who doesn’t trust the Department of Justice or President Obama’s word. Both have insisted that terrorism suspects or convicts from Guantanamo Bay will never be among the federal inmates moved to Thomson.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., still hasn’t budged.

Wolf chairs a subcommittee crucial for funding the purchase of the prison from Illinois. He also has been adamant that Guantanamo detainees not go anywhere. He doesn’t want them in a federal prison on U.S. soil. He doesn’t want them returned to their own countries.

Despite the administration’s sworn statements affirming these pretrial detainees would never go to Thomson, Wolf has not relented.

A new curveball

Into this partisan quagmire stepped 10 Republican congressmen, including our Illinois Q-C Rep. Bobby Schilling, urging a senseless, unrequested compromise: Reduce the price of Thomson.

Neither the Justice Department, the State of Illinois nor Rep. Wolf have expressed a word of concern about the $165 million agreed-upon price. So renegotiating would have zero effect on expediting or delaying this long, long overdue sale.

We welcome Schilling’s advocacy for Thomson and hope he focuses his efforts on convincing his GOP colleague to, at long last, fund the sale at the agreed-upon price.

Thomson was built because Illinois needed modern, maximum security prison space. It still does, but cannot afford to open the prison.

The federal government also needs maximum security space, and the empty Thomson prison fills the bill at the right price.

The sooner Schilling and his colleagues convince Wolf to relent, the sooner Thomson will begin serving its intended purpose: Housing dangerous felons in the strictest maximum security standard in the nation.

Not so incidentally, removing phony roadblocks like a renegotiated price also expedite thousands of jobs to the Quad-City region.

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Wow. This prison was built completed 11 years ago. Was in development for over five years. It was built was a waste of taxpayer money. Sorry but if it is NOT open now after 11 years, and the state isn't shutdown because of it not being open, it wasn't needed. Wants and needs are two different things. Please learn and understand the difference. You need food to eat. You can want steak, but can live on ground beef. But now after all this time, we are back to, it is Bobby Shilling's problem it isn't open. Amazing how the man is blamed in this paper for the I-74 bridge not being built, the Arsenal issues, and now the prison. The sun better come up tomorrow or it will be Bobby's fault! And the President's words mean little. He told us the Affordable Health Care act didn't involve a Tax, but the court and his attorney argued it was a tax. NEXT?


I put the blame on George Ryan, not Mr Schilling. It was Ryan who gave the construction contracts to his buddies to build the thing. He went to prison for it. And the reason the Feds haven't bought it, I have heard, is that they don't want to pay what the state is asking.


It is Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va, from the party of NO, that is holding up everything. (Imagine that!)

"Into this partisan quagmire stepped 10 Republican congressmen, including our Illinois Q-C Rep. Bobby Schilling, urging a senseless, unrequested compromise: Reduce the price of Thomson.

Neither the Justice Department, the State of Illinois nor Rep. Wolf have expressed a word of concern about the $165 million agreed-upon price. So renegotiating would have zero effect on expediting or delaying this long, long overdue sale."

The only thing you can blame Schilling and the other 9 Republicans for is just being stupid for trying to reduce the price.


Rep Wolf doesn't trust the Obama administration. He wants their promises in writing and probably won't get it.

He already has it - in writing, in emails, and verbally. Wolf is posturing, and assuring that he will get voted out of office.

Read the article. It's being sold as a FEDERAL prison. There is a need. Are you ignorant, or just doing your usual trolling?

Perhaps you should learn the difference.

How is it NOT Bobby's fault? He was first against selling it to the feds, then he was for it, then he sided with wolf, and when enough of te locals here called, he changed his mind again, and like the ignorant fool he is, lowered the price (which wasn't a concern on the federal OR state side). All of this information is available on line, published by congress.

I can't believe you don't know about the congressional record, or how your congressman votes and comments.

Yes, Obama's words is not much better than Bush II's. Bin Laden did it, we need 8 Trillion for a war. Oops - not his fault. Oops - is his fault, don't know where he's at. Oops - Saddam's fault. Oops - there are wmd's. Oops - they are the 30-50 year old ones the US sold to them.

Yep. There are none so blind as MrGadfly, who refuses to see, and does nothing but troll. We'll make you cheif troll of the paper.

You may want to fact check your comments. You are coming across as ignorant as alphamale.


Do you own a mirror. We never needed the prison, and we must not really need the prison on the Federal level, if after 3 years now we still haven't found a need to purchase it. This has been going for over 3 years, and Schilling has been in office for 1.5 years? So again, why wasn't this sold at the time? When the Dem's controlled both houses with near super majority? I am sure it was Schilling's fault at that time also.

And you throw in the War. Which by the way was voted on by our Current President. He also stated that Afgan war was the war worth fighting and has added many many many troops to the fight. I am glad he has. But you want to bring up the whole war thing in this argument.

Alpha keep eating the stuff you are shoveling here. Have a great day!

Troll, look up what Gadfy means.

We DID need the prison - it's quite apparent you've never seen what our old (Pontiac, etc) prisons even looked like).

The republicans BLOCKED the prison for 3 years - that doesn't mean the feds or the state didn't need it, it translates that you are a partisan HACK.

Yep, the war in which Bush LIED. An impeachable offense, Gadfly. Of course he voted for it. Of course, since there is a black man in the White House, you are suddenly against troop withdrawals, which BUSH promised to do.

Not sure what reality you live in, no troops were added - they were MOVED from Iraq to Afghanistan.

By the way, for your future reference it's the Afghan war - we aren't at war with a blanket.

Near super majority. Well, little troll, it requires a SUPER MAJORITY, not almost. when the republican hacks vote against everything that has the word Obama associated with it, its pretty telling t hat you are here to troll and only troll.

Why wasn't it sold? Because of a lone congressman - using tactics that it's going to contain everyone from Gitmo, with Bobby Schilling, who was elected, continued to lie about, and shake his head and agree with that statement - unless you are willing to admit he knew better, and just lied about what he thought, and voted against the sale for partisan reasons.

And with his third flipflop on te plate, now he's trying to man up, and claim to want it sold, at a lower rate than what illinois wanted for it, and a lower rate than what was offered by the feds?

Nope, Couldn't be Schilling's fault before he was elected - he was busy flipping pizzas at the time. Of course, we appreciate you pointing out the fact that 3 years ago, republicans didn't care, they wanted to block it.

Let's see - Schillingwas in office for 1.3 years, (close, but not really), this has been going on for over 3 years, and for .1.5 years, (translation, NEVER), the democrats never had a super majority.

Good trolling, MrGadfly. You've disproven nothing, and as usual discredited by any and everyone that responds to you. This time, however, you did a fine job of discrediting yourself between paragraphs and sometimes even stentences.


Since I am unable to respond to your classic name calling diatribe. You can name call all you want. I know what Gadfly is, thank you for trying to sound smarter than the average bear.

Enjoy Nov is all I am going to respond with. It doesn't matter what I put or what the facts are you will choose to not believe.

I realize in your eyes it will always be the GOP's fault. Understand your sad outlook on life, and I hope you enjoy it.

One thing I will not stand for is being called a racist, and that is what you attempted to do. I do not care for JOE BIDDEN EITHER.

Yes we had a timeline on getting out of Iraq, and it was set forth by the former President. But nothing was ever stated on Afgan. This President running said this was the war worth fighting and did add troops to that Theater. We are now getting out of there sooner rather than later.

Again I hope AO you enjoy Nov! Just like the people who yelled and screamed in Wisconsin will find out, they aren't the majority. Have fun! :)

Except, troll, I'm an independent - and I vote for republicans and democrats. I won't vote for the criminal and liar Romney.

I'm not trying to look smarter - I'm pointing out that your name means the same as Mr Troll. You do realize that's one of the alternate definitions of Gadfly, one who speaks to deliberately incite. A persistent irritating critic; a nuisance.

In other words, a TROLL.

So, I'm NOT NAME CALLING, just stating fact, and in fact, YOU labeled yourself a troll with your handle.

I believe facts. When you are asked for facts, you never provide them.

There is no country called afgan. It's AFGHANISTAN.

Joe BIDEN (note spelling) makes you a racist? Speak in english, please - you aren't making any sense with that comment.

I will enjoy november - I'm sure you will be in tears, however. Let's see Romney's tax records, bank records (all of which ALL previous presidents provided). You also forget that Romney has admitted to criminal acts - criminal assault being just one.

Don't count the election as over until the republican party has officially announced their candidate AND he tells the truth..

Documents filed by Mitt Romney's former company conflict with the Republican presidential candidate's statements about when he gave up control of the private equity firm Bain Capital. President Barack Obama's campaign seized on the discrepancies Thursday to charge that Romney was lying about his background.

Documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, place Romney in charge of Bain from 1999 to 2001, a period in which the company outsourced jobs and ran companies that fell into bankruptcy.


Come on Bobby show us the jobs! If the prison was in Boehner's district, it would be up and running.

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