It may take a while for Quad-Cities River Bandits fans to warm to the club’s new Houston Astros affiliation.

The Astros have been doormats this year for the Cardinals, who’ve won 10 straight against Houston, including a 4-0 shutout the day after the Bandits announced the Astros to replace the Cards as our local team’s major-league parent.

Next year, the Astros move to the American League, where they’ll face four established teams within a 350-mile radius: the White Sox, Brewers, Royals and Twins.

But we’re ready to celebrate change.

The Astros’, um, limited success (their 50 wins is fewest in the majors this year) leaves them with some top draft choices and a farm system that seems likely to deliver some promising prospects to Modern Woodmen Park.

And that’s always been the appeal of our River Bandits: An opportunity to see young men with big-league aspirations.

That leaves us reluctantly hoping the Astros continue their 2012 slump to bolster the Bandits with top prospects in 2013.

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The last sentence in the editorial shows that you did very little research regarding the hope that the Astros would have the worst record in baseball to help their draft status. You don't need to hope that they continue their slump. They're 8-1/2 games behind the second worst team in baseball (Cubs) with 6 games to go. The #1 choice is in the bag.

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