Our invitation to nominate a conservative columnist to replace Brent Bozell drew a welcome response from readers.

We requested nominees on Saturday’s Opinion page after we dropped Bozell for concealing the authorship of his columns. Bozell’s critique of liberal media frequently condemned journalists he believed were less than candid with readers. Bozell’s confession that a staff member regularly co-wrote his column was too much for us.

Apparently it was for readers, too.

We did not receive one letter or comment protesting our decision or defending Bozell.

And we got loads of suggestions for columnists our readers would prefer.

Today we share those nominees and some of the letters sent by readers. In our web edition, find links to these columnists’ published works.

Not all of these nominees have columns available for syndication. Others are members of publishing groups we aren’t using right now.

So we’re going to start shopping.

And keep the feedback coming. We’re eager to improve our Opinion page with diverse, informed viewpoints suggested by readers.

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You can count this freaking MORON out also

“I came to bury the minimum wage, not to praise it.”
7:07 AM - 20 Feb 2014
Charles C. W. Cooke


I've come up with a simple way to weed them out

TOTALLY DISQUALIFIED anyone who wrongly predicted the 2012 election

Out of a 100 or more Con Pundits that should whittle the list down to 2, maybe 3 people


I agree with whoever said, "Perhaps a 20-something local conservative (who may not even be a journalist today) would fit the bill?"

As others have said, many syndicated columnists are just writing the same blather about the same national stories. A local columnist would diverge into topics more important to the Quad Cities. I'm sure there are plenty of fired-up conservatives who would be willing to give it a shot. Have them each write three columns and let your readers weigh in again.


Mona Charen is my first choice. If not, Walter E. Williams would be okay.


Why not just print out Heritage Foundation or the Club For Growth Press Releases and just cut out the middle men

These guys are all essentially Ghost Writers for for the Masters they sold out to years ago ...

As a friend of mine says "They are all just Interchangeable Idiots" so in the end it really doesn;'t even matter which one you choose because the message is exactly the same


Why do you need to pay for a conservative columnist? Each day,in the editorials, simply print "Can't trust this president to enforce laws". May have to change that every few months to the latest right wing buzz words like "No path to Citizenship", or "IRS scandal", or "Benghazi coverup?". They move like synchronized swimmers whenever the words are pronounced from on high from the Heritage Foundation.


One standard you could consider: intellectual ability is inversely proportional to amount of time on Fox "News".


Please pick a nominee that does all he or she can to take the high road when it comes to being critical of other ideas and not to focus on those that express them.

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