This week, we dropped L. Brent Bozell III from our pages after nearly a decade of subscribing to his weekly column.

Earlier this week, media columnist and blogger Jim Romenesko divulged that Bozell’s column has been ghost written for years by a paid staffer from Bozell’s Media Research Center. Romenesko cited three Center sources for the claim.

Bozell’s distributor, Creators Syndicate, initially denied the challenge. But Bozell’s latest column showed up Thursday with a double byline.

The column we’ve run for a decade under Bozell’s byline skewered reporters and media firms he condemned as “liberal,” regularly slamming them for being dishonest.

We disagreed with many of the columns Bozell presented as his own. We’d wince every time he damned the “mainstream” media. Our newspaper and many others in the so-called mainstream media send him a check every month. But we stuck with him in the interest of presenting diverse views on our Opinion page.

Bozell may have been comfortable representing others’ work as his own. We’re not.

The latest disclosure convinces us Bozell has no place on our print or web pages.

Now we’d like readers’ suggestions for a replacement. What conservative columnist would you like to see added to our pages?

We’re happy to spend on columnists who bring a wider perspective to readers. But we can’t continue to publish anyone who willfully submits others’ work as his own.

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Paul Craig Roberts is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and was noted as a co-founder of Reaganomics.


David brooks is one of the best of any on either side, and often has insightful articles that transcend politics.
Ross Douthat is also a thoughtful and intelligent conservative writer


David Brooks? They said conservative.


So, from now on , if President Obama cannot prove that he actually wrote his own speech, you will NOT be printing any excerpts. ...Yeah....Right.


You should get Derek Hunter. He's a rising star columnist. Witty and sharp. He's the next PJ O'Rourke and Adam Carolla all in one. He also has a radio show.


This guy:
Young, smart, funny, and writes a lot.
Or this guy:


George Will is less unhinged than most of the conservative columnists out there.


Does it really matter which Con you choose? After all they all tell the exact same lies repeatedly over and over and it really doesn't matter which Shill you choose


Yawn your boring me.


Just another LYING piece of trash Conservative Republican ...

NOTHING new to see here .... Just the same ol' same ol' from the Conservatives who are anything but ....


I suggest that either Thomas Sowell or Walter E Williams would be an outstanding addition to the editorial page of the QC Times, and well received throughout the metro area.


How about Al Sharpton or Ed Schultz or Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews?
They are all totally unbiased. LOL

How about a rock? It has the same IQ as Malkin and Hannity - combined.


Is this a Jr. High comment section? Ok, I'll play. I know you are but what am I.

Is that what you try to pass off as intelligent discourse? Boring...


You leftists can't refute what he says, of course not, so you attack the person. That is not a logical way to make or refute an argument.


However will the quad city times find an other unpleasant hypocritical conservative?


Gee, wow, where ever will you find another hard right hypocritical angry conservative?


Can the QC Times contact the ghost writer for Dreams of my Father? Now there is one talented writer. Being able to generate an entire background story for someone that couldn't do it for himself is one difficult project. So there must be some superior writing skills there.


Thanks for dropping the column. Can you drop Klaatu????

Seems like furrygreg as well. Unless Klaat's preparing another ID.


I suggest Van Jones. Why not make the transition into complete left wing insanity totally complete?


Congratulations on doing the right thing in dropping the column.

But may I respectfully suggest that that your question "What conservative columnist would you like to see added to our pages?" may be the wrong question and based on a false premise:

…that you can "plug and play" an intellectually honest, current conservative columnist.

No one springs to mind immediately. And if you're asking readers for ideas, perhaps no one springs to your minds, either?

So why not go the extra mile and give a chance to someone new and fresh? Perhaps a 20-something local conservative (who may not even be a journalist today) would fit the bill?


George Will, Charles C. W. Cooke, Jim Geraghty, Kevin Williamson, Jim Antle, Timothy Carney, Doug Mataconis, Nick Gilespie, Matt Welch, Daniel McAdams, and Thomas Mullen (Washington Times) would all be excellent choices.

Horrible choices would include: Jennifer Rubin, Michael Gerson, Marc Thiessen, David Frum, David Brooks, Brett Stephens, Emily Miller, or just about anyone at the WSJ editorial board.


Malkin please

Serously? She wouldn't pass the test. Besides, wasn't she already dropped by the times?


Best decision you ever made.

The sad thing is that he had to plagiarize such drivel. Uncle Bill did a lot of grave rolling.

Michael Gerson and Kathleen Robertson (inson?) write intelligent comments from the conservative side.

What we don't need are people with blinders on - from either side.


OK. I see a "conservative" columnist just to the right of this editorial If you need another, I'd vote for George Will. Balanced by Garrison Keillor. if he is still writing..


Disagreement with beliefs is often attacked via how they are expressed and who expresses them. No surprise but trying to explain the reasoning to such a degree appears as over reach and sounds in disingenuineness in my opinion.

Longtime MRC media analysis director Tim Graham writes “almost everything published under [Bozell's] name,” a former MRC employee stated. “That includes his weekly column. Same goes for his books, which at least carry Graham’s name in a secondary billing, but also aren’t written by Bozell (but Bozell keeps 80-90% of the advance and all profits!)”

Source: The conservative Media Research Center

senor citizen

The Times Editorial Staff with the exception of Bill Wundram should not be in the news business.

BIll is an opinion columnist and writes fluff pieces. They have real reporters, which you would be aware of, if you read the paper.


Once a scam artist, always a scam artist.

coffee cup
coffee cup

A drunk monkey banging a keyboard with a plastic Fisher Price squeaky hammer could easily replace Bozo or any other conservative wing nut columnist. The monkey would probably work for whiskey and Monkey Chow too.

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