I want to be upfront with full disclosure. I have a strong interest in seeing the successful development of the St. Ambrose/Assumption High School athletic complex. I love Assumption High School and its athletic programs, especially football. Today, I still coach football at Assumption.

Infrastructure is a huge fundamental of urban development. Beneficial infrastructure has a massive, positive influence on the real estate investment and community enhancement everywhere. Now, when infrastructure development can be privately financed and upscale, like this development, its recreational and cultural enhancement to the community comes with little or no financial drag. It can be an immense win-win for central Davenport.

Both Assumption and St. Ambrose have been wonderful private partners in the positive development in central Davenport. St. Ambrose’s recent expansions have brought beautiful architecture, attractive landscaping, and lighting to an aging neighborhood, with much of the work done with local contractors and labor. This track record of impressive private development certainly deserves positive consideration.

Change is hard and it is natural to resist change. Let’s not let this natural resistance to change emerge again in Davenport to stifle positive development, as it has in our recent past.

Mark Kaczmarek



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Mr. Kaczmarek, I too support the stadium complex but am willing to bet another motivating factor has been left out of your letter: Assumption presumably will get use of new sports facilities at little or no cost to itself but instead at the expense of St. Ambrose and those who pay college tuition there. I could be wrong and don't misunderstand, SAU is free to make its facilities available to whoever it chooses. However, if Assumption is going to share the benefit of this facility it should also take some of the public criticism currently aimed at Ambrose and not hide behind a good neighbor PR letter.

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