In a recent Quad-City Times article there is an article indicating the Defense Department

will consider a new round of

military base closings in fiscal year 2015 (“Report: Defense Department may seek more base closings,” March 2). As a former Army officer, I can agree with some base closings, however, the place to begin is with the numerous military bases outside the continental U.S.

The time has come to close

the Air Force base in England or an Army base in Germany or Italy to name just a few examples.

We need to have a platform to project power around the globe and protect American interest and our allies, but strategically we need to evaluate what value these locations bring to the table in this time of economic challenges.

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The sequestration has brought about all sorts of doomsday scenarios. It would be interesting to see how our political leaders respond if asked this question. Will they choose the local

military base and constituents or continue to employ residents of other countries?