In a recent Quad-City Times article there is an article indicating the Defense Department

will consider a new round of

military base closings in fiscal year 2015 (“Report: Defense Department may seek more base closings,” March 2). As a former Army officer, I can agree with some base closings, however, the place to begin is with the numerous military bases outside the continental U.S.

The time has come to close

the Air Force base in England or an Army base in Germany or Italy to name just a few examples.

We need to have a platform to project power around the globe and protect American interest and our allies, but strategically we need to evaluate what value these locations bring to the table in this time of economic challenges.

The sequestration has brought about all sorts of doomsday scenarios. It would be interesting to see how our political leaders respond if asked this question. Will they choose the local

military base and constituents or continue to employ residents of other countries?

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senor citizen

While I would like to see the entire world disarm, I don't do as some people and dream of the day, as it will not happen. The U.S. must remain vigilant as always. against it's enemies. While I have little to agree with in the policies of current administration, I do agree with the peace efforts put forth by this and previous administrations. As an American expat and veteran I know the nation still looks out for much of the world. But I think military bases around the world should be closed on a case bycase basis. When planes can make a bombing run from the midwest U.S. to Middle East it brings home the advances that the military has made. Money would be better spent in technology advances and possibly scaling back personnel as technologies can replace in some cases exposure to the troops.


And, of course, Omega/Alpha/Klaatu - it's all OBUMBA's fault...right? Lol.


You are really thick. I intentionally stayed non-partisan. Our decline spans numerous presidents of both parties, and every single one of them, including Obama is culpable. The decline of this country can not be denied. You have your rose colored glasses on now because it is your little Marxist doing the damage at this moment, but every major publication in the world is taking note of the decline in US power and influence.


"Non-partisan". That's precious.

Jeffrey Smith

non-partisan my behind.

The numbers you quoted below were from a right wing (Tea Party) web site.

The real numbers are not released until the first month of the next fiscal year - which means the actual February numbers are due out at the end of October, 2013.

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office), is a non-partisan agency that does financial analysis for congress. This is where I obtained that information about when the numbers are released.

What you refer to are estimates, projections, or sheer folly. Since the "red" websites that are predicting this don't even hit your 240 billion, it makes us all question your source.

Feel free to state your sources. I find it really amazing that you claim the government is "pumping billions" into the stock market.

The facts are much different than what you claim.

We can smartly downsize the armed forces, starting with closing of all European bases. You have no clue what is being spent where. You may want to investigate how much money is going to Dick Cheney's pockets, under the guise of KBR. Billions every year since the war started. After investigations and protests started, it finally diversified to the point that billions are going to 3 companies, with KBR getting the Lion's Share. Hint: look up LOGCAP.

"The report noted that some government officials raised the concern of a potential conflict of interest because of Cheney's former position with Halliburton, but that "White House officials said the mission took priority over whatever political fallout might occur" from awarding contracts to KBR. Since winning the latest version of the LOGCAP contract in 2001, the government has ordered work from KBR worth more than $31 billion."

KBR has had 553 Million withheld to date, as the audits slowly progress. Only a small portion has been reviewed, as KBR refuses to turn data over to the government in appropriate format.

A Civil fraud case against KBR by the Department of Justice is pending.

Mr Cheney had salary deferred and unexercised stock options

Talk about no transparency in government from 2001-2008.


We are living the through the simultaneous ascension of Chinese power and the decline of US power. We have traded jobs for influence overseas to the point where we can't afford to project power any longer. In any power vacuum there is always another ascending power waiting to fill the void. Closing bases overseas will surely lead to a further decline in US influence, but we simply can't keep borrowing over forty cents of every dollar spent by the Federal government any longer. Our deficit for the month of February alone was 240 billion dollars, which quite obviously exposes the lie that this economy is getting stronger. The government is pumping billions into the stock market to keep it propped up, that is the form of stimulus now. Our credit rating was downgraded last week, we are in a serious and probably irreversible decline now. We don't have the political will to rein in spending.


You never cease to amaze.


He is right about the need to reassess the need for foreign bases. We seem to still be partially stuck in the cold war.

Also, take a look at the F-35 fiasco:


The US Taxpayer lost more on just 5 of the 52 (non-combat ready) F-35's than we did on the ENTIRE Solyndra deal. We bought a plane sight unseen, something you NEVER do, thanks to the Idiocy and Corruption of Bush and his Congress ...

OR in other words to date the F-35 programs has cost the US Taxpayer over TEN TIMES the Solyndra bankruptcy (And that's less than 2% of the total buy).... Yet nary a word about that from the GOP Goobers and Gomers ...

Then we have the billions wasted on a missile defense system that can be thwarted with a handful of under $100 apiece used metalized mylar weather balloons ... Physics is a cruel mistress for sure

It took 420,000 lines of code to fly the space shuttles and never once in a rewrite (much less fresh code) did they turn in a 100% bug free program even after 25+ years of development ... By contrast the F-35 will have 24 Million lines of code that will likely take 10 times the money and manpower to debug than it did to write ... Good luck with that


Was the downgrade from the same MORONS that graded BB Derivative Junk Bonds as AAA investments, $700 TRILLION of which is still floating out there as the largest amassed Debt in World History, Here's a little dose of Reality, if our borrowing rate doesn't go up we weren't downgraded except in GOP Fantasyland

You tell me Genius which is the bigger problem the $16 trillion US Debt?

Or the $700 Trillion Private Corporate Banking Debt the Federal Reserve (100% private) CORPORATION is trying to buy down at $87 billion per month? (Quantitative Easing)

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