Now we get to wait until May 20 for the decision regarding the St. Ambrose stadium. In the meantime, we will be inundated with countless pro and con letters from the parties involved, the residents of the Glen Armil area, past students/athletes, and business people. A spirited battle will be waged by all.

The problem remains: Residents opposed to the facility have never presented a solid reason against the stadium. Their complaints of increased traffic problems and noise are far outweighed by the fact that both St. Ambrose and Assumption will benefit financially from the building of the facility. And with that financial increase, both institutions will be able to continue to provide quality education to those who choose to attend the schools. If the stadium entices a better student athlete to go to school there, then the whole community benefits, especially if that same student/athlete decides to spend his or her adult life in the QCA. That is a windfall that we should all be happy about.

I moved away 22 years ago, beginning with Greeley, Colo. If anyone is familiar with Greeley, it is cattle country and there is often an odor that surrounds the city. In Greeley, that is called the “smell of money” and the people embrace it because it is beneficial to all in one way or another. This project should be looked at in a similar manner – it smells good.

Brian Dugan

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