Big misunderstandings may occur when priorities are different and we figure others to be wrong. We might not like or know all the details, so it may be tough. We need to be clever in finding common ground, because nobody wins unless we settle things together.

We need to learn to live together and understand the needs of our neighbors. We gain more help by helping each other and that makes life better for all.

People have worked together putting up their neighbor’s barns. Neighborhoods block off streets for block parties. It's funny that neighbors would complain about a stadium where students are doing something constructive and having fun. Isn't that better than having these young adults involved in crime?

SAU may need different tools to get young adults to come and further their education. If a stadium will help, then put it up and they will come.

What about all of the Hy-Vee traffic? Or living by the fairgrounds with the noisy stock cars and long lines of traffic wanting to get in the fairgrounds, or living next to a fire station or an airport? What about the air show when planes fly over neighborhoods, making a great deal of noise?

There are so many things we can complain about, but we need these things to make the Quad-Cities a special place to live. We need to work with and depend on our neighbors, instead of thinking of ourselves.

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David Dorris


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