I am writing this letter in regards to our Girl Scout camps in our area. I want to say that was my finest time of my early childhood. I was able to learn very valuable lessons for later on in life.

My family was very involved with the Conestoga Girl Scout Camp. We would always work out there getting the camp ready in the 1960s and ’70s. My whole family helped me sell enough cookies to get my camp for a week paid-in-full.

I was a leader for my daughter and worked to get her to camp. She was a counselor and met many friends from England and Australia who worked there for the summer. They still are friends to this day.

The news of the impending closing made it to them and they were saddened. They hoped to come back some day and visit.

My daughter worked out there in the 1990s and she also learned many, many life lessons.

I am saddened to think that my great memories of camping and the things I learned will not be able to be passed on to my granddaughters, Alexis and Klhoe.

I hope the Girl Scout office rethinks their decision, and hopefully if they have to cut expenses they’ll look internally.

Kathy O’Haver