The Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois are proposing selling the last four remaining camp properties in Iowa. In discussions with board and property committee members I have been asked, “Isn’t it our job to help girls of today build their own new memories, not memories that you have?” This is in response to impassioned pleas to keep the camps open from alumni whose past camp experiences have been extremely influential and beneficial.
To these members I would ask if they would also recommend that a happy family decide to divorce, move the children, and then work at building new and happy memories. Why would anyone assume that new memories are not connected to our past? Ask any amnesia victim who has to build completely new memories, and I believe they would gladly remember the past. Additionally, the GSEIWI proposes selling the camps, and then doing a feasibility study moving forward. It would seem that a feasibility study should be done before advocating the sale of all of their property.
It doesn’t make sense to dismantle history, especially before there is any plan for how to move forward, in order to create new memories. New memories are based in one’s history. To divorce just to create new memories is ludicrous.
Sherry Plath O’Keefe
Blue Grass