Camp Conestoga has always been one of my favorite places. It breaks my heart to hear they’re considering selling it. Someone said today’s girls won’t take the time to put down their cellphones and iPads for a few days sleeping in some old cabin in the woods. Frankly, I believe they’re missing out on a great experience.

I’ve met so many great people at camp who’ve had such an impact on my life. There was one year when my two counselors were both from Ireland — one from Northern Ireland and one from the Republic of Ireland, one Catholic and one Protestant — and they got along like best friends! They taught me that stereotypes are worth nothing.

I fell in love with horses at camp. I’ll never forget the first horse I rode. Her name was Ida, and she was a gift to Conestoga from “Happy” Joe Whitty. She was given back to him after she got too old to carry kids, but she’ll always be my favorite horse.

I ask the Scouts in our area to take a chance. Put down your gadgets for a few days and get outdoors; and you’ll make memories and friends that will last a lifetime. To me, that’s worth more than any piece of technology.

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Camp Conestoga, you’ve surely passed the test for the camp I love the best. You’ll always be our Girl Scout camp, our Camp Conestoga.

Katie Burken

Grand Mound