Cheri Bustos touts herself as a typical Midwestern gal with family values. You know, one of us. In reality, her radical views are more in line with the far-left views of Barack Obama.

Ms. Bustos claims to be a practicing Catholic. However, she is a vocal supporter of abortion on demand, partial-birth abortion, homosexual marriage and the rest of the radical homosexual agenda, which is in defiance of her own church’s doctrine. Her radical political agenda seems to take precedence over the church. Ms. Bustos supports higher taxes on small business (me) to force her social agenda on the rest of us. Once again, her views are in lockstep with Obama’s radical leftist agenda.

While Ms. Bustos is not shy about criticizing Rep. Bobby Schilling on job creation, she fails to mention that Rep. Schilling has voted for at least 30 job-creating bills in the House, all of which have been killed by her Democratic party in the Senate. If she were truly interested in putting Americans back to work, she would ask her godfather, Sen. Dick Durbin, to tell Harry Reid to allow these 30 job-creating bills to come to the floor for a vote. But it appears as if she is more interested in political posturing than taking a stand for job creation.

Michael Messinger

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