Columnist Susan Estrich wondered in her Dec. 23 column who is someone like Phil Robertson to call homosexuality a sin? Maybe she doesn’t know the Bible well enough to know that her Phil Robertson quote comes from a quote from the Bible. So, to me, she just called the Bible “hate speech.”

She frames the debate over what constitutes sinful behavior as the tolerant versus the intolerant. She wrongly equates tolerance with acceptance and approval. She says that if you disapprove of someone’s sexual behavior on moral or religious grounds, you either hate them or fear them. She says that you must agree that all sexual behavior is morally acceptable or be branded an intolerant bigot.

Some self-appointed theologians even declare that it is unchristian to call homosexuality a sin. But this is not merely a “personal view” of Phil Robertson. This view is based on the clear teaching of the Old and New Testaments and reflects the teaching and practice of historic Christianity. This view is still the dominant view among practicing Christians worldwide.

Has the campaign for sexual tolerance become a campaign to bully ordinary Christians into recanting their beliefs and coercing them to endorse the left’s morality and beliefs?

The inclusiveness of Christianity is not that all sexual behavior is morally acceptable. It is that all of us are sinners, Jesus loves all of us and died for all of our sins, and all who repent of their sins and believe in him will be saved.

Pastor Scott Pearson

Cornerstone Baptist Church