Steven Brouard’s claim that science must “hide behind judges” ( Sept. 3 letter, "Put evolution theory up for debate") is one of the most astonishing bits of misdirection I have seen outside of the caucuses. It is in fact creationists who have fled to litigation as well as legislation after being soundly defeated in court. 

Mr. Brouard lists several prominent scientists who believed in a Creator. This is irrelevant. All of these scientists were also white males. Are only theistic, white males capable of good science? The tremendous technological achievements of recent decades suggest otherwise.

The statement about “falsehoods” is a mishmash of, ironically, abject falsehoods and straw men. Trotting out old Haeckel’s drawings to undermine modern biology is akin to denying modern astronomy because early sketches of Mars were inaccurate. 

Finally, the idea that science leads inevitably to atheism belies a poor understanding of both theology and history. Historically, scientists used natural philosophy as a way to interpret creation and God’s design. Metaphors in the Bible were understood to be just that: symbols. Biblical literalism is a surprisingly recent contrivance of Western society.

Creationism is head-in-the-sand denialism that is neither science nor sound philosophy. It obscures two of the most beautiful truths of all: the objective history of life on Earth, and our place in God’s creation. Science and religion can be in harmony if we use evidence and our gift of reason to shine light on the How of creation, and our hearts to understand the Why.

Neil C. Aschliman, Ph.D.