I want to express my support for the St. Vincent Center project on St. Ambrose University's property in central Davenport.

I'm encouraged by this exciting project and the benefits it brings not only to SAU but also to the Davenport community and Quad Cities' region as a whole.

I've been hearing the cries from Davenport residents that the mayor and aldermen need to "listen to their constituents" about this project and remember that they are the ones who could potentially vote them out of office come the next election.

Yes, I completely agree and remind these elected officials that along with my household, there are many residents in Davenport who support it. I am a local employee, community volunteer and active voter in elections. And, I whole-heartedly support this project.

I want to be a part of a community that embraces neighborhoods like the one I live in just a block from Brady Street Stadium, one that welcomes an influx of young, talented students who are well-educated and stay in the Quad Cities to grow businesses, raise families and build their lives here.

 In addition, I support non-profit organizations in the Quad-Cities striving to provide not only higher education, but also build a strong and dynamic culture where residents are celebrated, inspired and welcomed into the community.

 Now let's get this project moving, go Bees!

 Randall A. Goblirsch


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Gracie Rose
Gracie Rose

I agree completely. Don't let the few ruin it for the St. Ambrose and Assumption students. I think this will be a great asset to our community. I have read all the facts and don't see how the council could vote it down.


Well said Randall!
The naysayers have run out of ammo as everything they have claimed has been debunked by studies provided by SAU.
Time for the vote to happen and if our shortsighted council votes it down, we must remember this come election time.
27 people should not stop this progress!

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