For the past 12 years, it has been my privilege to serve the residents of Scott County on the Scott County Board of Supervisors. My experience has been beyond my expectation, and I am pleased to say the day-to-day duties of supervisor have been educational, eye-opening, sobering, and at times, gut-wrenching.

But I have furthered my appreciation and understanding of the numerous opportunities we have to continually improve our lives and how important it is to listen to all people. As an elected official, we can’t always support the wish of every citizen, but we can listen to them, and hope I have been successful in doing so.

I believe the Scott County voters have elected two outstanding supervisors in Ken Beck and Tony Knobbe. My hope is that they will appreciate their tenure as much as I have mine.

Whether you voted for me or not, I commend those who voted. It is a great honor and privilege we have and we should never neglect to perform that duty. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you these past 12 years.

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Tom Sunderbruch