I couldn’t disagree more with Editorial Page Editor Jon Alexander’s opinion piece from Tuesday’s Quad-City Times.

Whether or not she meant to, and whether or not her discretions are considered by Mr. Alexander as serious or not, Mayor Broderson did bring division and disruption to a system of local government that had (up to that point) no appearance of the national debate between Republicans and Democrats.

From reading the opinion piece, what she did bring from day one, was an air of anger, mistrust, and division to a local government that seemed to be responding to the needs of the local population on most issues when brought forward to their local council person.

I couldn’t have told you which political party any of our council members belonged to until Ms. Broderson was elected. You know why? Because locally, we are dealing with local issues like trash, road repairs, and future projects to enhance our standard of living in our little community of Muscatine. When issues are local, it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, Republican or an independent, because you are dealing with your neighbor.

Personally as a citizen, I was disappointed when I read that Ms. Broderson came to office and immediately started acting like the CEO of a company. The moment you think public service is about power is the moment you disqualify yourself from public service.

Whether or not you view her missteps as serious or simply her misunderstanding the role of mayor in Muscatine (largely ceremonial), she has poisoned the waters of local government, and for this I would only ask that we as a community move forward without her.

Can you imagine the dysfunction she would bring if reelected?

Mike Miller