We all know about Bill Clinton and his hall of shame in his treatment of women. The New York Times goes after these alleged incidents regarding Donald Trump and yet Bill Clinton gets a pass in either forcing himself on women or groping them against their will. But if the conservative candidate is accused of the same thing, the liberal media does its best to smear them.

First, Bill Clinton is not the candidate but Hillary Clinton is so lets discuss her. When Hillary was a public defender in Little Rock,, Arkansas she defended a man who was accused of raping 12 year-old Kathy Shelton so brutally that she was in a coma for five days. Not only is Mrs. Clinton heard talking about how this guy beat the polygraph test that she defended but she was laughing about it. And she says that she is a fighter for children and women all over the country and yet she accused this poor 12 year old about having romantic fantasies about older men. This young girl had already been through a horrific ordeal only to be subjected to a battery of psychological tests, which is absolutely heartless. 

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Brad Countryman