For the past eight years, Congressional Republicans rightly earned the epitaph “The Party of No.” The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, is an excellent example. Republicans criticized it since its enactment, but never crafted a replacement that corrected its deficiencies.

Citizens came to see that bipartisanship efforts to work for the common good was not on the Republican agenda. Nevertheless, the ACA was, and still is beneficial, and the majority of Americans approve of it despite its flaws.

Republicans, now in the majority, have the votes in both houses of Congress to repeal it. If ACA is repealed with only a promise of replacement, Republicans need to understand the damage they will do.

If ACA is repealed, once again many people with health issues will have no access to healthcare. There will be a catastrophic loss of jobs, as well as huge indirect economic losses.

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Are Republicans prepared to own the human and economic consequences? Remember, Republicans will no longer have President Obama to blame.

Mary Orr