Sen. Chuck Grassley is once again running for the U.S. Senate. He has been in Washington for four-plus decades and with each passing decade, Congress has become more dysfunctional and irrelevant to our lives. It is indeed time for a change.

Grassley has shown his dysfunction by ignoring the Constitution and refusing to give a hearing to a Supreme Court nominee, federal Judge Merrick Garland. This is a symptom of what is wrong with Congress. The president and the Supreme Court are working, but not Congress. Congress is expected to be in session 124 days this year, the lowest number of days in 60 years.

I will remind you again, Grassley has been there for 40-plus years of this time. He has been very willing to collect a paycheck for little work at taxpayer’s expense that pays his salary. Tax-paying Iowans would be fired for such an abysmal job performance. As someone who is retired, I can say that at age 83, it is time for him to go. We need to help him give up his seat to a new senator since he is unable to do this himself.

It is time to bid Grassley farewell and elect new blood in Congress. We need a reset by electing former Lt. Gov. and Secretary of Agriculture Patty Judge to the Senate. Grassley has shown he is a part of the problem.

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Vote Patty Judge for U.S. Senate. End the dysfunction in Congress.

Sandy Stanley