I did not vote for President Trump and I'm not going to be able to trust him until we find out the extent of his business ties to the oligarchs of Russia. But one thing I don't do is look at him through the lens of hate, and I was a fan of his work on the show "The Apprentice."

We all know people who looked at President Obama through the lens of hate. Once someone goes into that world, through that looking glass, they no longer operate with an open mind. Hate is an all-consuming emotion, which when tapped, dominates ones persona, at least concerning the subject of whatever may be the focus of that hate. In such a state, people tend to eat up every wild lie and conspiracy theory, just to feed that beast called hate.

I still have moments when I can like Donald Trump. For example, when he greeted visitors at the White House. Or moments like when he's introducing a new cabinet member and he's respectful and smiling.

He has the charisma to be a leader, but sadly, that charisma is so often not on display. I guess what I'm sharing is, I don't want to see the world through the lens of hate. I made a conscious decision when I was around 16 years-old that I didn't want to go through life that way, and I'm glad I did.

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Tom Hebbeln