That headline in Tuesday's Quad-City Times caused me to ask myself, "Where in the U.S. Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights does it require the federal government to provide health care to Americans?"

And the answer is? Nowhere.

The United States already has two federal health "plans" called Medicaid and Medicare so, why do we the taxpayer need to provide another health care plan. The original Affordable Care Act was, in my mind, unconstitutional - regardless of the Supreme Court decision. Again, I can't find anything in the Constitution that allows the federal government to force Americans to buy something they don't want. President Obama's desire to make health care affordable to all Americans is wonderful idea, but poorly executed. Even as a Constitutional conservative, I have no problem with the federal government trying to help those who do not have health coverage by developing a group health care policy to reduce costs. I do have a problem with the taxpayer paying the bill for that coverage.

I would like to see these types of articles researched to include the Article and Section of the U.S. Constitution which requires our government to provide such services.

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Jerome C. Nathan


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