Did you know that Illinois’ is in the fiscal black? I’m glad to see that Illinois has finally gotten its fiscal house in order. So much so, that the Secretary of State’s Office (SOS) is once again mailing out courtesy notices to remind people to register their vehicles.

According to the SOS, the practice was stopped due to the budget impasse as a way to save money. Last time I checked, Illinois is still without a budget, so why can’t the state still save the money instead of spending it? Because there is always more where that came from; us.

The SOS spends $450,000 per month on postage to remind people to renew their vehicle registration. That’s $ 5.4 million per year. This is real money, folks.

For a state in such dire straits financial, do we really need to be spending this amount of money to remind people to renew their vehicle license? No.

The professional politicians who created the fiscal mess are constantly telling us that our taxes need to be raised to fund the state government. Here’s a novel idea: Stop squandering what we give you. The political-class reminds me of a child who spends his allowance on candy, then begs for more money when he needs something vital.

This November, send a message to the professional politicians in Washington and Springfield: You’ve been wasting our taxes for too long.

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Since we the taxpayers have to live within our means, so do you, the elite professional politicians.

Gary L.Snyder

Rock Island