The Quad-City Times did a disservice to its readers. Your article “Iowa mom takes son off cannabis oil: says it doesn’t work” is poorly titled, has a negative tone and is misleading. Epidiolex is a pharmaceutical brand of cannabidiol oil (CBD) which contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is not to be mistaken with cannabis oil that is produced from the entire cannabis plant containing both CBD and THC.

As stated in the article, my daughters also took part in the Epidiolex trial. Unlike Ryan, my daughters, Lauren and Lindsey, saw benefits from the CBD oil. Ryan, Lauren and Lindsey all suffer from the most severe form of epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome.

Total seizure control will likely never happen for our children. We are just grateful for a reduction in life-threatening seizures. Not all patients will benefit from Epidiolex. If FDA approved, Epidiolex will help some patients who suffer from intractable epilepsy, not all.

What should have been pointed out in the story, and was shared with the author, is the need for medication derived from the entire cannabis plant utilizing all of the healing and protective properties of this plant; not just oil derived from CBD. This can only be done with a comprehensive medical cannabis program with cannabis grown, produced and distributed in Iowa for Iowans.

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The Iowa Legislature has the opportunity this session to make this medication available to Iowans. Please make sure your facts are straight when reporting on this very sensitive subject.

Kim Novy

Altoona, Iowa

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